Probably he lost his memory when he fell off a cliff, and then he let people who knew him find himself, so he could climb as high and as high as he could, and let his name ring as loud as he could. White fox guessed at random that Silver Fox smiled bitterly and said it was true, and then turned to Little Rabbit and Princess. Should we go to the capital to see if this guy named God is a good human being? If Hai Yun saw it, we would know.

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Well, let’s go to the capital now to find Brother Yun, Rabbit, cheer up and say.
The three men left the restaurant after paying the money, but just as they passed the rotating glass door, the thief evil feather Xiaoqiu passed by by by mistake.
Evil feather said to Xiaoqiu with a face of anger that the dead man asked me to send the personal data all the way, but he didn’t come to pick him up, and he asked us to come over and find his heart to die.
Forget it, sister Xiaoqiu smiled and said something important about him.
Where did that guy come from? When the evil feather broke the crevasse and scolded again, he came to Xiaoqiu alone. He hugged Xiaoqiu with deep affection, smiled softly and said that he knew that Xiaoqiu had a confidante in his life. I have lived in this world for a long time and accepted my love for flowers. He made a snap of his fingers and suddenly turned into a red rose in front of Xiaoqiu, saying that today you are still shining in the stars.
You bastard, how long will it take you to hold it before you let it go? The evil feather stormed angrily and flew the man behind Xiaoqiu with one punch. The red rose withered and the evil feather grabbed Xiaoqiu and cursed you for being an idiot. You didn’t resist being held like that by that guy. You were so sick that your goose bumps fell all over the floor.
Don’t worry about him. It’s not the first time I’ve met him. Xiaoqiu Nai smiled and the man smiled again. Xiaoqiu was white and shining behind him and smiled and said, Xiaoqiu is gentle and considerate. It’s me.
That’s enough. Before he could finish, the evil feather punched him again and the man suddenly fell to the ground.
No mistake, you hit me on the nose twice in a row. What should I do if my handsome appearance is destroyed? The man looked up angrily and said that the evil feather and green stem suddenly scolded me. After worrying about being disfigured, be honest with me. Don’t be rude to my sister.
Ha, I know you must be jealous of me for holding Xiaoqiu instead of me every time.
Die, die, die.
I was wrong, okay? Don’t hit me in the face
After a storm, the restaurant finally became quiet. Before the disfigurement was finished, the man was beaten with curly hair and dew, and his face was swollen. He told the clerk to take us to the bag.
It was the magic captain who carefully led the three men to the second floor package, fearing that they would be flattened by evil feathers accidentally.
After entering the bag, I locked the door. I asked Xie Yu very much. I ask you to check the personal information. Did you find it?
Seeing the illusion so seriously, even the evil feather that I have known for a long time was surprised. The evil feather took a stack of files from his backpack and smiled at the four captains of the Dark Kingdom’s Dark Corps. A magic captain, please investigate things. Can it not be completed?
Magic took the file and flipped through it.
Although we don’t know what you want to investigate him, you should be careful. He is not an ordinary person, and he is not a good man and a woman, Xiaoqiu woke up.
Magic smile said that just because he is not an ordinary person, he entrusted you to investigate Kohane with special information, and I believe you can find out so much about this man.
Although we don’t ask the client private affairs, I still want to ask you as a friend, what do you want to investigate this man? Evil Feather was curious when she accepted the phantom entrustment.
Because this man went to the Dark Kingdom a year ago and talked with the king, although he left soon, no one ever knew that magic disclosure was the most important information, and he could be so frank about evil feathers. He believed them very much, and it was also a year ago that foreign officials suddenly changed from a virtuous monarch to this fatuous monarch. I think it is no coincidence that all this happened, so I want to investigate this person, and I want to know more about this person.
I was also present at Meng Ling’s event. The document was written by this man who personally drew up the evil feather and said Xiaoqiu. At this moment, he was curious to ask if this man was your king a year ago to discuss the funding of biochemical research on monsters and demons. Because it was a coincidence that Meng Ling became the funding source of that fallen disciple a year ago.
The thing is that the magic told the evil feather Xiaoqiu the process of verification step by step. A year ago, the king suddenly changed, although it was sudden, but it was not surprising at all. Most of the history was that the monarch was confused by Li Yuwang, but it was not long ago that I realized whether this man asked the king to agree to borrow money to let them organize the biochemical treatment of the beast demon, but after being rejected by the king, he had his super power to make the king forget the conversation and turned into a fatuous monarch and then left Meng Ling.
If that’s the case, then things may get out of hand
See magic so nervous evil feather more curious magic said Xia Han ready to launch a revolution over the king to establish a new dynasty Chapter 29 S-class terrorist organizations.
What coup evil feather Xiaoqiu exclaimed? Fortunately, this bag is soundproof, otherwise such a big secret will be over.
I can discuss this man’s information with Xia Han and say with a magic smile.
Evil Feather Do you think Xia Han will listen to you?
I’m the four captains, and he’s been playing with me since childhood, so I want to discuss with him as a big private party. May he not listen to me?
Evil Feather seriously and finally repeated, Don’t be too happy. All this is really that man’s mischief, so it must be very complicated. He is a man who is wanted by an S-class dangerous organization, a code-named doctor. You should be careful.
Of course, I won’t die so easily before I marry Xiaoqiu, laughing and saying
Remember to remit the money to my head. Before you die, the evil feather got up and said to Xiaoqiu, we are going back to Cromont Empire. Now it is full of crisis.