When Jack heard this, he quickly interrupted Lund and held his shoulder back. "I just told you that we are barely a member of the rescue team."

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"Doesn’t that mean you are a rescue team?"
What he said is very reasonable.
Jack was choked. Knowing that he didn’t make it clear, he continued, "Look, we have left the team now. We still have him. My son is in new york now. I’m going to find him. He’s my only son. I haven’t had time to accompany him …"
Lund just looked at the middle-aged uncle in front of him and kept talking like a machine gun.
And Frank, the old man behind Jack, has come out to take charge of the overall situation and briefly introduced himself to you as a lost rescue team with a large army. I hope you don’t misunderstand Barbara …
People holding their knees and trying to sleep were suddenly disappointed when they heard this.
Frank was relieved to see this.
He was afraid that these people would regard themselves as saviors.
Lund listened to Jack’s machine gun and gradually understood it from the beginning to the present.
"So you can’t save us?"
Jack shook his head. "The three of us are also taking risks."
"Well, then," Lund sighed and knew that he was happy, but he still woke up and said, "You’d better wait until early in the morning and start with us at the same time, so that the probability of being shot by crazy is the least."
Jack nodded. He also felt that it was not safe. It was too conspicuous to drive with the lights on at night.
But his horse reacted as if something was wrong and quickly asked, "Where are you going?"
Lund said, "Go to Staten Island and meet your big army."
Jack frowned and realized, "Are you crazy? Didn’t the radio already say that you need to stay in the room for heat preservation now? "
He looked at the people around him with his head in his arms and asked, "Where did you all come from?"
Lund was startled by his exaggerated reaction. "We came out of the public library," he said dumbly.
By the way, I also separated these people from the library and said it again
Jack picked up the map and soon found the location of the public library.
"It’s about seven kilometers from here in a straight line. How long has it been since you walked here from the library?"
Lund scratched his hair "about half the day"
I’ve walked so little in such a long time.
On the one hand, there is a threat from gunmen, on the other hand, the weather and terrain are bad, and many people don’t even know the way. After all, there are two floors of ice less in new york now, and there are no road signs.
Jack calmly said, "There are still 25 kilometers from here to the rescue team. You have to walk for at least three days."
"You people can’t last two days."
Without looking closely at Jack, you can know how serious the physical exertion of these people is.
He often goes to the Antarctic in this snowstorm and then walks on the ice sheet. He knows how tired it is.
Lund also hesitated, but Jack didn’t give him a chance to speak. "I suggest that you return to the library immediately after dawn. According to you, you have set up a shelter in the library and it is the best choice to survive this crisis!"
"And broadcast you should have heard that there will be a terrorist storm in new york these days …"
"It will be a few days later and it may not really come."
Lund still doesn’t want to give up, but after listening to what Jack said, he can’t help but hesitate again.
And jack took it firmly.
"No, that storm will definitely come!"
"Just as they predicted the climate catastrophe before, this storm they predicted several times will definitely come these days!"
"I have worked in mutual aid societies. I know the people there. Their technology and theory are far more advanced than ours. It is impossible to make mistakes!"
"Promise me to go back to the library after dawn …"
Although the only reason to come here this time is to find a son, Jack can’t watch so many people die.
Lund became more and more hesitant. He looked at the people behind him who came out of the library with him and didn’t know what to do.
Jack saw this and took the initiative to clap his hands to attract everyone’s attention to himself. He cleared his throat.
"Ladies and gentlemen, I think you’d better turn back to the library after dawn …"
This night seems to be particularly long.
The cold wind whistling outside the window and the heavy snow patting the window made Lucy very uneasy to stay alone in the hospital.
Peter, who became a little bald because of chemotherapy, has fallen asleep peacefully. Lucy turned off the bedside light and walked out of the ward.
In the distance, there are car horns coming from the road, but the houses around the hospital are in darkness, and others have fled for their lives. Only she enjoys the quiet corner as if she were forgotten by the world.
Run for your life …
Lucy felt uneasy at the thought of this.
I wonder if she and Peter have a chance to escape?
Forget it, forget it, don’t think about it …’
Lucy forcibly controls herself, but if she doesn’t think about this, she will naturally think of another.
There was still no news of her husband, so she popped up in her mind. As soon as the two men popped up, she wanted to meet them, and then she went back to the topic of whether she could escape from Washington or not. It was an infinite loop …
The wind outside the window makes a ghostly sound.
Lucy was shocked. After coming to her senses, she tightened her clothes and was ready to go back to the ward.
At this moment, out of the corner of her eye, she suddenly saw a strong light coming in from the window. At this moment, she felt as if she saw solar energy, narrowed her eyes and blocked her hand.
This is definitely some kind of big car high beam!
This was Lucy’s first thought.
But in a second, she trembled like a blow.
High beam?
This is … Someone’s coming? !
Chapter 269 Come and call Dad
Lucy was so excited that she almost cried out, but when she thought of Peter sleeping in the ward behind her, she choked back and quickly walked to the door to open it.
Of course, she didn’t forget to pick up some handy things around her on the way.
Although the current situation in Washington is not out of control, it is not completely peaceful. There are not as many crazy places here as those semi-abandoned places in new york.
Lucy waited nervously for the outside to come in and rest so that she could identify herself outside.
It was a second that surprised her and came in along the speaker.
"The man behind the door shows your identity and puts all weapons and then opens the door and walks out!"
Lucy stayed for a long time, but I didn’t expect this to unfold.
Then she consciously looked at the pole in her hand.
Maybe this is a weapon?
Lucy put her things away and obediently opened the door, staring at the outside.
At the same time, the soldiers of the auxiliary armed mutual aid association outside also breathed a sigh of relief and lowered the brightness of the headlights to maintain the normal level.
At this time, a white soldier from a North American city gave Lucy a military salute before trotting.
"I’m terribly sorry, ma’ am."
"Because of the special situation at present, it is difficult for us to judge whether the inmates are thugs or ordinary residents can adopt this kind of relative violence."