"No" Kim looked at Mitt, but it did seem so unconfident.

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"Don’t lie to me, you must have cried just now, otherwise your eyes wouldn’t be so red." This is really amazing. Mitt left and right and looked at Kim seriously, as if he had discovered a new species
Chapter sixty-three The hunter’s final chapter is a new beginning
In the remote village, waves of cheerful melodies came from a bar, wearing a white suit in the corner like a fairy tale. Wang looked at the piano and played with a blank face.
He seldom wears a suit, especially this pure white suit, and he doesn’t like it, but this is Mitt. It’s different when he does it, so even if he doesn’t like it, he always wears it.
"pa pa"
As the performance ended, several guests applauded.
Kim applauded, too. He didn’t expect to play the piano, and he could even inject reading into the piano. It was a genius.
Your piano playing is getting better and better! I forgot when I heard it. If I don’t finish my work today, I will definitely come to get even with you later.
After a while, "Then why don’t you get to work? I won’t play the piano today."
That’s it. The guest looked disappointed. "In that case, I’ll see you later."
"See you later" replied politely.
"Come to a song, no" looked at Kim and asked.
"Don’t play it yourself! I can’t play the piano, "Kim waved.
"This is what I teach you! Come on, "let out laughed.
A few minutes later, the guest Jin complained that he returned to the audience anyway. When the audience went, Naineng continued to solo. This time, his solo was Dream Wedding.
Happy hours always pass quickly, and another week has passed in a flash.
The night is getting deeper
In the night, the houses in Bai Yueguang’s deep mountain village are as beautiful as wedding dresses.
Wu Jinzheng sat by the window and looked at the beautiful galaxy outside the window and chatted.
"I’m leaving tomorrow," Kim suddenly said. He really enjoyed himself this week.
"God?" Whisper a finally didn’t speak.
Two people so silent again.
Time flies by early in the morning. When I wake up, has Kim left? Anyway, I hate parting atmosphere.
Get up, wash and then go out. Mitt said that after a while, he began a busy day.
The deep mountain path Jin walked slowly along the direction of the river to the port
"Brother" suddenly woke Kim with a cry, but when he reacted, a petite figure had already come at him.
"Bang" consciousness picked up.
"Brother, are you going to town?" The little hero asked with a curious face.
"Yes! I’m going shopping! " Kim smiled. "What, are you a hunter?" Jin still doesn’t want to face what Xiaojie said. He didn’t say that he mistook himself for a big son.
"Brother, I told you that I became a hunter." Xiaojie was happy to take out the hunter license card.
"That’s really congratulations," Jin said, releasing Xiaojie. "I have something to do, so I’ll go first. Go back first!"
"Then remember to come back early." The little hero looked at Kim and waved.
"got it"
Just then Qi Zhen came over and said, "Xiaojie, was that your brother?"
Well, Xiaojie should answer.
"His tone of voice just now gives a person a kind of anxious to leave quickly and you don’t expose his identity as Raytheon? It’s hard for him to cheat you! "
Well, I also listen to the little hero laughed "should be what’s the emergency! To expose his identity as Raytheon, since he doesn’t want to talk to me, forget it. Let’s hurry and try to get home by noon. "
In this way, the two men even talked and laughed and walked towards the mountains again, but Xiaojie didn’t know that he had lost a chance to seize gold.
At noon, at this time, the piano was still playing in the corner of the bar in the remote mountain village, and he didn’t write a novel. When he came out, there were so many people who were upset that there were pianos to kill time besides chatting with guests.
At this moment, Mite suddenly sounded "Jacko is back, you accompany me out to meet him."
"The little hero? I think it’s about the same. "I got up and replied while thinking about it.
I really want to come back without first saying that Mitt walked and said, "Now there is not even a snack left at home!"
Then do it. "Just let him take a shower first."
Well, Mitt replied, "That’s it."
"Brother Mitt, aunt" came to Xiaojie in the distance at this moment.
"Yo, it’s getting heavier." Let Xiaojie laugh.
Xiaojie came over with a strange face and said, "I didn’t expect you to have two brothers and I have one!" "
The little hero one leng then seems to think of something, "I have a brother by the way, didn’t you go to town to buy things?" How come you’re back again and you’re so fast! We’ve been gone so long and you’re back so soon. "
Jacko, what are you talking about? Just then Mitt came over and said, "Your brother has been helping me from morning till now!"
Yeah! Strange way "that’s really strange! So who did we meet earlier? "
Look at Xiaojie. "You really met me."
Yes! Xiaojie said, "You said you were going shopping!"
"You failed the hunter test?" Suddenly asked
"I passed" Xiaojie took out his license.
Then you must not be a qualified hunter and seriously said, "I can’t even tell your brother’s smell from your father’s. Even if you haven’t smelled your father’s smell, you can’t help but find that the golden body smells different from me!"
Ah! Xiaojie shouted, "You said it was Kim we met earlier?"
I remember when Mitt said, "Kim really left early. I didn’t expect you to meet him."
Ah! Xiaojie called again "Damn it, it’s so cunning."
"You are the friend that Xiaojie said in his letter!" Looking at the strange way, "I’m Xiaojie’s brother * Fu Lishi, and this is aunt Mitt."
At this time, Mitt crouched down and said, "Welcome to our house."
"Please give me a lot of advice." Some strange things are stiff.
"He really doesn’t want me. I really am a nobody who wants children. I have already met him and lied to me. Kim is an asshole."
"The little hero you muttered something there! Go home and take a shower. "
Does brother Jin really want me?
What said that?
This is very remarkable. The hero said, "If you meet me, you won’t recognize me."
"That’s because he is too shy" laughed. "Well, aren’t you a hunter? Since you are so angry with him, go to him and ask a white man. It is best to beat him up. "
Xiaojie clenched his fist. "I will catch him."
A few people talked all the way.
Time flies by Xiaojie’s whale island for less than a month, and then we take another journey to find the old, and our protagonist is pulled back to reincarnation with the end of time.
Congratulations on coming back here alive again. Now you have 15 reward points. You can buy the ability to enter a plane soon.
When Li Jun woke up, he once again heard the trainee god congratulate her on being as beautiful as when she first met. However, even if she was beautiful and moving, she could not be pulled out of her lost mood.
Yes, it is lost. After all, Xiaojie, a hunter, has devoted himself to his feelings for more than ten years. Now it is impossible for him not to be lost after leaving the hunter plane.
"Please send me into a plane! I still choose to send it randomly as before. "
"Aren’t you going to take a break and do some shopping?" The beautiful girl god asked questions.