At noon, after lunch in the restaurant of the building, Yang returned to the apartment, which made him more determined.

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Drop that sublimation node!
The more strength you have in the inverse world, the more chances you have to live.
No one can have too many days for such a thing as chance of life, and Yang is no exception.
Put the sublimation node into the physical field … This instruction is issued in the teenager’s brain, but I don’t know if it will work.
After a while, nothing seems to happen. When the sun rises, I want to join Luo Shan.
Suddenly, the whole person shook violently and threw himself on the floor.
Tianyang gave a stuffy hum from his nostrils, and just now there was a sharp pain in his body. This young boy huddled up and his body temperature rose rapidly, and the skin surface was slightly flushed.
The pain is still coming from the body, and it feels like every muscle in the body is torn!
Tianyang teeth chattered and finally let out a depressed low call.
It’s getting louder and louder, but the apartment has good sound insulation so that the neighbors are not disturbed
Tianyang’s body kept shaking, and every nerve was burning like a fire. Tianyang tried hard to dig the floor to fight the pain.
Now he knows that Luo Shan did not lie to him.
The first strengthening is really very painful!
Chapter 61 Supply lines
If the current medical instruments observe Tianyang’s physical data, it will be found that his cell activity index far exceeds the normal level!
At this moment, Tianyang somatic cells are repeating the process of division, replication, death, rebirth and then continue to divide.
This process makes Tianyang’s bones, muscles, organs, blood vessels and nerves undergo rapid transformation. In the process of transformation, Tianyang suffers unimaginable pain. He has already thought about consciousness, just like a smashed mirror, it is a miracle that he did not pass out in a coma.
I don’t know how long it took for the body to send a painful signal to the brain through the nerve before it gradually disappeared like a low tide.
It was not until then that Tianyang passed out.
When he opened his eyes again, the room was dark and looked out of the window. It turned out that night had already arrived.
Tianyang tried to move his fingers before he got up from the floor.
I want to do a bounce, which will make him a few centimeters off the ground and adjust his posture.
Unexpectedly, the hands and feet were slightly powered by Tianyang, and the whole person bounced up for nearly two meters, almost touching the ceiling.
He froze and adjusted his posture to let him fall straight to the floor.
By squatting slightly, the impact of landing will be quietly guided to the ground, and the sun will stand firm. Some people look at their hands in surprise.
He can feel that his body is full of a huge force, which makes him feel bloated and eager to guide them out with his fists and feet.
But Tianyang didn’t want to tear down his new home, and he found himself covered in dirt. He could wipe out a piece of sludge with his hand and it looked like he hadn’t bathed for ten and a half months.
He went to the bathroom to be intelligent, so that Tianyang could pass the control without moving a finger, and thousands of micro-spray holes around the bathroom sprayed the same amount of water to wash his body azimuthally.
After taking a bath, Yang felt very hungry the day after tomorrow, and then he ate three days’ worth of food before his hunger was smoothed out.
The next morning, he woke up and found that the swelling feeling in his body had disappeared, and his body felt stronger, just like the previous loose cables were now tightly screwed together.
The sun looked at himself in the mirror the day before yesterday.
The body lines are more obvious, every muscle is full of explosive force, and the skin becomes tighter. It seems to be a little transparent, but in fact, they are tougher than before.
In order to verify my feeling, Tianyang kitchen knife finger gently strokes out a thin red seal without breaking the skin.
Of course, if you draw with a knife, you will still be raw.
But it says that my physical strength has really increased a lot.
It’s a pity that Tianyang can’t observe his bones, otherwise he will find that every bone is covered with delicate dark lines. These dark lines are made up of nano-unit micro-granules. In these granules, they can cushion various impacts and reduce Tianyang’s bone weight by 7%
At this time, a fly was attracted by the kitchen waste that didn’t come to clean up, and flew over Tianyang’s eyes. The teenager consciously raised his hand and shot a mirror, and there was more stain.
Tianyang leng, then clean up the stains and throw the garbage into the cleaning channel.
Then I changed my equipment and left the apartment.
At 7: 50 in the morning, Tianyang came to the junction of the transfer platform No.7. A moment later, Han Shu and others arrived in Tianyang one after another and found that there were several new faces in the soldiers.
It seems that the soldier named Yan Bing has been supplemented from the reserve camp. Now he is a scholar, and three private soldiers obey his command.
The raven team went to Qihan Tree and handed in a pass application, then moved to Kraft Gate.
Watching the companions in front walk into the door, Tianyang turned his head and looked in the direction of the fortress cemetery, then stepped into the dark world of the door.
When the teenager entered the inverse world, he heard a vague whisper of fine and long syllables. Suddenly, a cold wave floated up from his hair and hit his brain as if he had been licked on his cheek by a fat, cold and wet tongue. Inexplicably, he was so malicious that he almost pulled out the Red Moon combating Dao.
Han Shuyin let him return to absolute being, and after a pause, he was already in the base behind the door.
There’s no weird whisper in my ear, and it’s not disgusting, as if everything was just his illusion.
Han Shu looked at him uneasily. "What’s wrong with you?"
Tianyang shook his head. "It’s impossible that I didn’t have breakfast early and my stomach was a little uncomfortable."
"It’s a bad habit for young people not to eat early." Lao Xu made a guest appearance as a health expert and took out a piece of compressed food from his pocket. "It’s cheaper for you to eat in a later car. This is from my super cute daughter."
Tianyang wanted to refuse Lao Xu and threw it into the teenager’s pocket. Tianyang decided to visit Lao Xu’s house after the end.
Fifteen minutes later, the high-speed train left the base and went straight to the lighthouse outpost.
In the carriage, Han Shu folded several pieces into cards and distributed them to the players. "This time it is an exploration lighthouse base. There is going to build a supply line leading to the metropolis. There is a small town just over the supply line headquarters. I hope we can step on it."
"The most basic requirement is to hand in a map of the finished town to indicate the location of the possible black people in the town. If we can clean up the black people, it will be counted as extra merit."
Cang Du spread out his hand and said, "What is the basic reward this time?"
"Lieutenant level: 5 contribution points per person, 2 soldiers, 1 cleaning up the black people, and other calculations are probably like this. Of course, if you find anything interesting in the fortress, you can get a lot of contribution points."
Han Shuchao looked at Tianyang and said, "This lucky little guy is a living example."
Captain, don’t attract attention for me … Tianyang sighed in his heart. Although he now has thousands of contribution points, it’s all for his life.
Where is this lucky …
After arriving at the lighthouse base, the team base rested for an hour and then transferred two falcon light chariots to leave the base.
At noon the next day, the raven team arrived in the town code-named [Desert Valley].
I don’t know if this town is built in the valley; Or the landform in the reverse boundary has changed, causing the ground around the town to rise and form a valley.
In general, this town stands like this, surrounded by strange peaks and rocks in the dark and foggy desert valley, which is its natural barrier. If it can pass through this valley, it can be shortened by one to two days when it reaches the metropolis.
And this time sometimes determines whether an army is alive or dead.
Chapter 62 Ambition
At present, the motorcade is located on a hillside, and there is a highway extending along the hillside to the town. At intervals, a signboard is erected on the highway, which should have been green, and white paint is painted with some symbols.
Some symbols are very close to the numbers that Tianyang is familiar with. Plus, they appear on the highway. Lao Xu, a guy called "Inverse Boundaries", guessed that these symbols were used to show the distance.
Because there are many signs like this going to the metropolitan highway.
From a distance, you can see the outline of some buildings in the black fog-shrouded town.
However, judging from several small towns explored in Nightcrawler, it is generally a town like this, which is far from being a metropolis.
Although there are several high-rise buildings or buildings in the building, it is far from the metropolis, which often has dozens of skyscrapers
However, like metropolises, there are no protective fortifications on the periphery of these towns, let alone weapons, which can not help but make people sigh that although the boundary has become this ghost, the residents living here once had a long period of peace, tranquility and happiness.
Two Falcon Chariots in Gaopo, stop for a minute, went downhill to Desert Town.
After driving from the ramp for one minute, two chariots had to stop because there was a similar inspection building at the entrance of the town ahead.
Of course, the building was abandoned and it collapsed because of too many years, which blocked the road.
It is no stranger for Tianyang and others to inspect the metropolis like this, and there are more and larger places.
It’s a metropolitan inspection. Obviously, the quality is better. There are quite a few entrances that can be used now, but at present, it seems that it can be cleaned first, otherwise the root of the car can’t get in.
"When the captain shelled?" Cang Du, who was in charge of drive that chariot, took a look back at Han Shu.