"I chased a man to this street on the left."

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The first man with a machete and my official sent him straight to the left street to recover a scent of blood, and the door of the ruined courtyard fell to the ground with the same smell coming from the inside.
"You two go and have a look."
My official’s poor leader’s hand pointed aside, and their faces suddenly looked ugly. Most of them were scared by the ghost boy’s body and trembled. They came near the probe and looked around. They screamed and turned and ran with my official behind them.
"See what?"
"I didn’t see it"
"I didn’t see what I was running?" My official is afraid of hearing the call because he can run back.
"a mouse"
Leader cold hum a machete to approach again, after all, it’s the first time. You can’t be unintelligent at this time. Your left hand pushes the wooden door, and the smell of blood is thicker. Then one leg crosses the motionless step again. It’s the demon sword in a pool of blood that is still clinging to your heart.
"Another one died."
"Kill in broad daylight. Even if you meet a homicidal maniac this time, brothers, let’s withdraw."
"Where to?"
"If you go back to the county government, you will get into trouble."
"Bullshit! Look at what you’re wearing. We’re an official who sent out a murder case and didn’t catch the murderer. Wouldn’t it make people laugh and catch people with me? "
A large number of official sent out and finally found three dead people in the lane, five people died in one day. This Sanjiang County is definitely a major case.
"My Lord"
A man ran quickly into the fat magistrate, squinting at the tea, and Yu Datong showed no such interest. He got up and walked back and forth from time to time.
"Yu Daren, what’s the hurry!"
Yu Datong cold hum a "officer but not adults so good concentration"
"It’s not a matter of concentration, it’s a matter of urgency."
"yes?" Yu Datong snow a really didn’t put this fat guy in front of him in the eyes of the whole Sanjiang county, which one is better than himself.
"Don’t you believe Lord Xian Cheng?"
"Of course you believe."
Outside the lecture hall, my official came and shouted, "What are you howling about in broad daylight?"
"My Lord, something terrible has happened."
"What is it?"
"A homicidal maniac killed five people in a row."
"Five people! Which one? " Yu Datong quickly flashed out and grasped the urgency in the poor collar of my official.
"A short man died not far from here, and a man’s sword was found in a wooden house on the side of his body."
"Who are those three people?"
"One woman and two men have a bent back." At that moment, Yu Datong’s face changed greatly. From the poor description of my official, it can be seen that it must be the four evils. Those martial arts people are not weak. Who is the other one? If it is true that Lin Feng killed Lin Feng by mistake at the moment, wouldn’t it be a big disaster?
Not only Yu Datong, a fat magistrate of a county, but also one leng, one side, and the position of poor fingers keeps seemingly random, which is actually a message.
Yu Datong’s mind is still putting four evils to death. After these small moves, I didn’t find that the fat magistrate nodded and several poor officials quickly quit and didn’t forget to close the door.
"Where are people?" Yu Datong heard the door and looked around the whole hall, leaving himself and two people in the magistrate of a county
"All gone"
"Adults should immediately catch the murderer."
"murderer!" Fat magistrate of a county cold hum a "who is the murderer? Killing the fierce wolf and killing the people or killing the four wicked people should be called a hero if it is necessarily not the murderer. "
"Adults are even joking."
Yu Datong glared at the fat magistrate of a county. In normal times, he had been scared to retreat repeatedly. Today, he looked at Yu Datong with a different face and a smile.
"What are you laughing at?"
"Laugh at you"
"Laugh at me?" Yu Datong snorted, "What’s so funny?"
Fat magistrate of a county laughed and said, "Some people always boast that they are wise and far-sighted, and in the end, others will make a wedding dress."
"I don’t know what you said."
Fat magistrate of a county snorted coldly, "Don’t those burning manors really know nothing about the evil activities in the Lin pawnshop!"
"Know what! Don’t worry about losing your life. "
The two most powerful men in Sanjiang county glared at Yu Datong at this time. Although Xiancheng’s own strength is good, adding that special layer doesn’t put fat magistrate of a county in the eye.
Fat magistrate of a county sighed, "people do things to see the fierce wolf die, and it’s your turn to die." The words sound just fell and the whole person suddenly bounced up at an amazing speed, like an inflatable meat ball attacking Yu Datong at that moment.
"Death" Fat magistrate of a county suddenly challenged Yu Da with the same anger. After all, there is a bottom to see each other rushing to the side with fists.
Bang, bang, two punches hit Yu Datong at the same time, and the look of his fist changed. It’s like hitting cotton wool. The most important thing is to exert force on his back with a special suction body.
Bang the other person’s belly and suddenly pop up Yu Datong, and the whole person flies backwards. People half see the fat face of the fat magistrate. At this time, it is not only disgusting, but also frightening. After ten years of hiding, I finally put on a weak posture in front of myself. This patience is amazing.
There was a loud noise, and Yu Datong flew out of his chest and was hit by a man. At that moment, he heard the broken bones ring.
"Who are you?"
The fat magistrate sneered, "Everyone has secrets, just like you. When you do things alone, you can rest assured that your family will not be implicated. Remember to be a good person."
Yu Datong stretched out his arm and fell "Yu Datong colluded with fierce wolves to commit heinous crimes. The county led the public to arrest thieves and resist the fierce fighting. Yu Datong, a county magistrate in Sanjiang County, died."
Chapter 34 Winner king