The young man tied to the chair is Wu Jintian, his father Wu Decai, and his mother Shang Li are also here. There are also Nangong Lie and Hua Wen in the room.

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Wu De was just the governor of Zhongzhou, but his face showed no joy. He met Nangong Lie that day.
Nangong Lie met with the leaders of the organization department, together with Nangong Lie and Wu Decai, an official of the State Military Commission. He was also curious about why the administrator of a small scenic spot in Zhongzhou would be with the military commission.
After a few hours of long talk, Wu Decai finally learned that the country still has a special army, an army composed of haunters. When he becomes governor, he must know that this army is stationed in the central city of the state because of them. Usually, whenever important matters involving extraordinary people are involved, the Zhongzhou guardian and the governor need to discuss together. One represents extraordinary people and the other represents ordinary people.
The former governor and Wu De made a handover. After reading the extraordinary materials, Wu Decai looked like watching a sci-fi movie, but he was surprised and his heart was filled with hope. His son Wu Jintian suddenly went insane not long ago and found famous foreign experts who were helpless about his illness. Now maybe the doctors from the extraordinary world can help him.
Wu Decai went to Nangong Lie on the first day. After he told Nangong Lie what he had come for, Nangong Lie was very happy. This favor must help cure the governor of Zhongzhou, and the governor of Zhongzhou owes himself a favor. You know, the position of the guardian of Zhongzhou is also a democratic election system. The governor of Zhongzhou and the state party Committee account for two votes.
The position of the guardian of the transcendental world is very long. Generally, the change of the state committee is staggered, and Nangong Lie has to retire within a few years. He wants to train Nangong Yulun to take over the position of the guardian of Zhongzhou. There is not much hope for the original Nangong Yulun, at least for a session, but the situation is different now. If Yulun can seal the cup and shine, it may really be able to take over the position of the guardian of Zhongzhou.
Jiuyou Shield is different from Jiuyou Sword. They are more inclined to politics than to force. The strength requirements of the guardians in each state are also A-level. Nangong Lun is C-level extraordinary, and some breakthroughs are not far from B-level recently. If it is an artifact, she also has A-level strength.
Because the position of Zhongzhou Guardian has always been in our own hands, the position of Zhongzhou Guardian has become weaker and weaker with time. The original position of Zhongzhou Guardian may change hands, but I didn’t expect that the "Qiqin" was activated and Yulun could also take it to fight around, so it would be more powerful for Yulun to inherit the position of Zhongzhou Guardian.
It is a good thing for Wu De to ask for help from himself. Although it is illegal to use transcendental resources to help Wu Jintian treat some violations, it is only illegal. For Wu De, it is also a small "seeking personal gain" and it is not a big mistake, and it is understandable to be a child.
Wu Decai didn’t expect Nangong Lie to readily agree and arrange secret treatment in his home, which really touched him.
Nangong Lie asked Wu Decai, "Is your son a sequela of trauma? Have you experienced anything bad before? "
Wu Decai didn’t answer, but Shang Li said, "No, no, we have always taken good care of Jin Tian. This child is also very sensible, loves to study and never makes trouble. What do you think he is doing? How can he be like this …"
As she spoke, Shang Li choked up. "Nangong Fairy, you must cure my son. We are such a child. How do you think we can live like this?"
Shangli finally burst into tears. Wu Decai looked at his son and instantly became much older.
Nangong Lie comforted the couple. "I’m a stranger. What immortals are not immortals? We are all comrades in the country who have difficulties. I should help them. Don’t worry. Although I’m not sure, I have nine points of confidence that I can cure your son."
"Really?" Shang Li got excited. She grabbed Nangong Lie’s sleeve and prayed. "Please help my son, please help him."
This corporate executive is also a mother, who was desperate, and now she can be said to have caught a lifeline.
Shangli couldn’t wait to kneel down to Nangong Lie to hold her, but then Wu De said with a face of apology, "Mr. Nangong, I know that some violations have made it difficult for you, but we can’t help it if we have children."
"My virtuous nephew, don’t call me white."
Nangong Lie stopped Wu Decai and turned to China and asked, "Hua Lao, can you see that he is sick?"
Hua Wen walked to the front of Wu Jintian, stretched out his right index finger and pressed Wu Jintian’s head. A green light spread from his fingertips and softened into Wu Jintian’s body.
Wu Jintian suddenly became quiet, but his eyes still revealed anxiety and fear.
About a quarter of an hour later, Hua asked, with a frown, what seemed to be observed when he saw the green light spinning back and forth around Wu Jintian’s crown.
"What an illusion!" Hua asked with dignified eyes.
"What did you say?" Nangong Lie asked China in disbelief.
Hua Wen withdrew his hand. "This man should have been under illusion. His brain activity is abnormal. It seems that he has been under illusion, but I have never seen such a powerful illusion. If you hadn’t said that he was a normal person before, I would have said that he was born with mental illness."
"What is illusion?" Wu decai monk lido is nervous and asked
Nangong Lie mu Lou pondered, "We have souls in the nine secluded places. When we say that souls represent physical souls, we say that soul illusion refers to those spells that can hurt souls. It seems that your son has something to do with our supernatural world …"
"This ….. this is how to return a responsibility? Could it be that he met an extraordinary gangster? " Wu Decai wondered
"Unlikely. Nine secluded places are strictly guarded. No one dares to hurt mortals unless …"
"Unless what?"
"Could it be that your son offended that extraordinary person, who dared not kill your son, so that the doctor would think that he was mentally ill and would not see it?"
Nangong Lie carefully observed Wu Decai’s expression. He wanted to know whether Wu Decai’s next statement was true or false. When he saw Wu Decai’s puzzled face, he also knew that he might not know.
"That’s right! Xu Biao! It was Xu Biao who brought Jin Tian back that day. He might know something. "
Wu Decai suddenly woke up and hurriedly dialed Xu Biao’s words
The fifth volume God Wars Chapter two hundred and forty-two The story
Xu Biao soon came to Los Angeles. A special worker from Los Angeles took him to Nangong Lie’s residence.
When I saw Nangong Lie and Hua, I asked Xu Biao, two people, with a strange face. These two people were dressed like masters in the movie.
When I look at the Wu family here again, his first reaction is, is it that Governor Wu made a special trip to find a master in heaven to see a doctor?
Just now, Governor Wu didn’t say much about letting himself come as soon as possible. Now it seems that Governor Wu must have asked himself to prepare some gifts for these two masters.
"Xu Biao, do you know who Jin Tiansheng offended before he fell ill?"
Wu Decai asked Nangong Lie and Hua Wen to turn their attention to Xu Biao.
Xu Biao suddenly felt a little nervous. The eyes of the two old men made him feel inexplicable pressure. "Governor Wu’s family is very quiet. I usually ask him to go to KV. How can he offend people if he doesn’t go? Master Jintian is low-key and sensible, modest and filial …"
"Come on, come on, when you sent him back that day, did you know who he went to see or what he did?"
Xu Biao was stunned and then shook his head with a certain face. "Governor Wu, I really don’t know that I was preparing to go to Yuhu Mansion to deal with something that day. Before I entered the community, I saw that Jintian had some abnormal road running. I didn’t know what happened before I contacted you for the first time!"
Wu Decai believed Xu Biao very much. At that time, he also asked Xu Biao. He didn’t think too much about his son’s illness. He had a lot of guesses. He occasionally went to Yuhu Mansion Community. The surveillance video showed that he was normal when he entered the community that night when he was ill, but he was abnormal after he came out.
Shang Li suspects that the haunted house scares the children, but please invite the "master" to see it. It is said that the feng shui in the house is excellent and should not be haunted. What makes people wonder why Jin went to the room late at night?
Now I hear two extraordinary officials say that Jin Tian may have offended an extraordinary person, so I can understand the extraordinary means, but how did Jin Tian provoke the extraordinary?
"You’re lying," Nangong Lie said to Xu Biao in no hurry.
"I didn’t!" Xu Biao reflexive replied, but his face showed a little panic.
"What the hell is going on!" Wu Decai stared at Xu Biao with folded eyes.
"Governor Wu, I really don’t know what happened!"
"Two immortals … experts say you lied. Do you still want to keep it from us?"
"I I …"
Wu Decai wanted to continue to reprimand Xu Biao and Nangong Lie stopped him. "Governor Wu should not be angry. Boss Xu did not lie a word. He really didn’t know what happened to your son. He hid something from you."
After that, Nangong Lie looked at Xu Biao again. "Boss Xu, I think you must know what Wu Jiagong is doing in Yuhu Mansion?"
Xu Biao in the mind a surprised who is this? I lied and didn’t lie, and everyone knew it.
And Nangong Lie’s mind is flying at this time. When he hears the word "Yuhu Mansion", he can’t help but think that Ji Tianci lived there before this small house, and Yuhu Mansion also lived with him as an extraordinary person.
Xu Biao awkward and looked at what Wu Decai was going to say, then turned to look at Nangong Lie and Hua’s question and swallowed it back.
Wu Decai saw Xu Biao like this and knew that there was something hidden. He also took one look at the Nangong eye and hesitated.
"Ha ha, Governor Wu, you can feel at ease in civil affairs. We never ask the offensive words. Even if your son kills and sets fire, we will deal with it. But if your son has offended any master, we can control this master."
"This ….." Xu Biao also looked at Wu Decai eye dew asked.
"Come on, there are no outsiders here."
Wu Decai’s officialdom has been mixed up for a long time, and he soon thinks that Bai Er won’t ruin his career even if he makes a big mistake. Nangong Lie is so eager to help himself, and he must have something for himself, and his people’s court can’t be an effective witness even if the law is extraordinary and he interferes with the people’s affairs.
In this way, it is better to "open your heart" with Nangong Lie, and it depends on what he has done before.
Xu Biao swallowed a mouthful of saliva for two seconds before he said, "Jin Tian likes a girl who also lives in Yuhu Mansion. That night, he called me and said that he had an argument with the girl. He accidentally knocked the girl out and asked me what to do. I didn’t know what to do at that time, so I asked him to transfer the girl to the next room and wait for me. But as soon as I got to the door of the community, I saw Master Jin Tian running wildly. I really don’t know what happened in this period. At that time, I was about to change my position in Zhongzhou State Committee. But I dare not tell you this. At that time, I was thinking that if anything happened to me, I’d better come to Master Jintian in two days without knowing it. I didn’t expect him to be so seriously ill. It’s been a month. "
As soon as Wu Decai heard that there was something hidden in Xu Biao’s practice, he could understand and be trusted. But in front of Nangong Lie, he asked first: "Is that girl okay later?"
"I asked her how well she is now." Xu Biao always dared not reveal too much, but he dared not lie again. It is enough to say so much because all the people here are white.
"Then she didn’t call the police later?" Shangli continued
Before Xu Biao could answer Wu Decai, he grabbed a sentence, "We should have known about calling the police … Mr. Nangong, do you think that girl is a super … superior person?"
Nangong Lie couldn’t see the expression on his face. Instead of answering Wu Decai, he asked Xu Biao, "Is that girl surnamed Lu?"
Xu Biao was so frightened that he deliberately didn’t expose the name of the "party" and this superior person could guess wrong. Is it true that Lu Manwen is a superior person and this old man knows her at present?
Xu Biao was shocked and unable to speak, but the expression on his face has told everyone that Nangong Lie is right.
"Does Mr. Nangong know that girl?" Wu decai hurriedly asked