A prediction was bet by Wu Zhe.

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In anger, the black bear’s first attack was to slap the enemy with his hands. Wu Zhe tactfully rolled around and escaped the black bear’s attack, finding the right opportunity to dance, especially to the black bear’s arm.
Wu Zhe didn’t have the strength to let Wuyou cut the black bear’s skin, but sharp Wuyou also cut off some red hair on the grizzly bear’s body
A roars of saliva splashed all over Wu Zhe’s eyes. I can’t see clearly. Wu Zhe lay down and chose to play dead for the first time.
I’ve read a lot. The best way to deal with bears is to play dead!
However, the black bear in the world seems to be different from reality. He patted Wu Zhe’s body horizontally and vertically, and Wu Zhe gritted his teeth without making a sound. Although it was a game, it felt like he didn’t want to experience it again in his life.
I still can’t stand Wu Zhe’s eyes and it’s hard to move. The white tiger mother’s expression is full of grief and anger, but she still swallows the blood in her mouth.
"Anyway, I have endured it for so long. It’s not bad for a while …"
Bite your lips and try not to faint.
Okay, this is a game. If it were real, Wu Zhe would have been torn in half. Even if it hadn’t been torn, the pain would never be tolerated by ordinary people.
The little white tiger scratched his head and looked at the giant in front of him. He was still determined to rush out and bite the black bear’s ankle.
To no avail
It’s strange that tiger cubs can bite the skin of black bears not long after they are born.
The black bear didn’t respond, and the little white tiger almost attacked him, but some blood flowed out of his own teeth.
White tiger mother anxiously called Wu Zhe and saw this scene. She was very anxious. If this little thing was slapped by a black bear, it could be shot to death.
A good black bear has to pause for more than ten seconds after slapping himself, perhaps to observe whether the target is really dead. At this moment, the little white tiger was lifted by the black bear and its ass bounced to its mother’s side, and it was pressed to the ground by the white tiger’s mother and could not be washed out …
Wu Zhe looked at the little white tiger and his expression was very touched. He closed his eyes when the horse struck his chest and paws.
This should be the last blow I can bear …
"bam" one
The bear’s paw is still less than a centimeter away from Wu Zheshen, but it is fixed. Then how can you move Wu Zheyi? Suddenly, a bloody black monster egg appears on the bear’s paw.
With your eyes open, Wu Zhe saw the black monster egg that had been hiding in his arms for a long time, but it floated up at this moment.
There is a faint black mist wrapped around the bear’s paw, which makes the black bear in a dilemma. A roaring black bear lifts its paw and falls to the ground, but it is finally feasible. But it looks at Wu Zhe’s chest, and the mysterious monster egg is full of fear.
"No, don’t let it get away."
Seeing that the black bear wants to run to Wu Zhe is also out of being able to say this sentence. I never thought that the monster egg on my chest actually chased the past …
Tiger * * dark is not Wu Zhe can see with the naked eye.
Less than a moment after the monster egg flew over, there was a cry of pain
It’s the grizzly bear!
Wu Zhe’s eyes have been staring at the entrance. Within a minute, the black monster egg floated back and saw that the shell was wrapped in a black gas for a long time.
Maybe I know that the black bear was beaten away, and a few small white Tigerheart called up shortly after birth, but these milk calls interrupted the flight path of the black monster egg.
It seems to want to treat these white tiger hands …
"Don’t come back soon."
Wu Zhe frowned and pointed his hands at the black monster egg, but there was no response. The black monster egg floated to the white tiger faster.
Seeing that it is about to wrap a few small white tigers, the mother of the white tiger jumped out with the last strength to let the black monster beast egg back some distance and confront the black fog together.
Wu Zhe endured the pain and climbed to the little white tiger and picked it up. "Go and bite your brothers and sisters behind me."
Noble blood monsters can understand human language without signing soul contracts or blood contracts with other races, and so can their descendants.
Little White Tiger Pure White Tiger Blood became white. Wu Zhe’s meaning seems to have made any decision. He ran behind his mother and bit three siblings to stumble and run to Ann.
Perhaps it is just after the battle that the black fog has lost its ability to defeat the black bear before, and it is difficult to tell the winner after a long stalemate with the white tiger mother.
Wu Zhe has also been calling for the black monster egg, but the reaction is …
Chapter 20 Little Black and Little White
Happy new year, everyone! One year older! ! !
I wonder if anyone has read my novel.
The white tiger’s mother can’t stand the protracted war for a long time. She has no strength, and slowly the black fog wraps him.
A muffled sound
The white tiger mother fell to the ground, but she was still tenacious and bared her teeth in the black fog outside her body.
The monster beast egg seems to be tired of thinking about the little white tiger’s hand leaving the white tiger’s mother and turning around in the same place. Seeing that the little white tigers are all behind Wu Zhe, they quickly drifted over there.
Wu Zhe didn’t panic. He knew that the soul ordered the beast to kill its master unless it didn’t want to die.
Take a deep breath. Wu Zhe held his hands back. This move touched the front wound and blood gushed out.
The black monster egg really won’t attack Wu Zhe. Has it finished seeing Wu Zhe’s pain? The goal is those little white tigers.
Black fog bypassed Wu Zhe and gave out a series of harsh noises. Looking at the little white tiger Wu Zhe, who was immediately wrapped in black fog, roared a golden light and burst out.
"All! ! ! ! ! !”
It’s the golden word that hits this mass of black fog. Black fog seems to meet some nemesis and wants to escape back to the monster beast egg, but before the little white tiger is released, it is scattered by the golden light.
It’s just a moment when Wu Zhe lies flat and enters the isolation again …
The blood-core continent boos that the elk area is a prison.
Some monsters in the world have been trained to be immortal, and non-ordinary attacks can be eliminated. When prison buildings are built, the blood-core continent boos that the elk region is as good as the key array method.