Three hundred immortals in the sky, 10 immortals in the prefecture, 10 immortals in the human, and 30 immortals in the human.

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Coming here is a fairy stone to make money. It’s really a three-no-care zone. Even heaven’s promotion of fairy yuan numbers doesn’t work here.
At this time, Li Yueling has approached and heard that Boss Hu said faintly, Boss Hu, we want three-level treatment. Here are ten extremely blue tide stones, ten extremely pine stones and ten extremely marble stones, which should be enough to talk. Li Yueling has taken thirty aura-filled extremely fairy stones from the cold-fighting ring and handed them over.
You know, the mixed Yuan clan was built in Wanling Mountain today, and the resources for repairing the truth are extremely abundant. Li Yueling has dug a number of fairy stone veins, but he is carrying a lot of fairy stones with him. After all, even if he practices God, he can still get fairy stones at any time.
Generally speaking, the value of a fairy stone can be converted into 40 to 50 fairy stone samples.
Li Yueling is thirty extremely immortal stones in one hand, and the color is of high quality. The boss Hu also looks bright at the moment, and his attitude is even more enthusiastic.
Boss Hu is not polite to me. Let’s just say that I bought some news from boss Hu for reward. Li Yueling found that the owner of the science of uniting the pavilion actually had a golden fairy to cultivate strength, and he couldn’t help but feel more strongly about Taiji Xianxing, Hidden Dragon and Crouching Tiger.
It’s all right to take this opportunity to ask him if he can run a practice pavilion of this scale.
I think a few of them are also unfamiliar. Is it that Tai Chi Xianxing Xianyou, the boss of Hu, is also welcome? Xianshi asked with a smile.
Yes, the three of us, Master and Apprentice, are scattered practitioners. In recent years, the practice has been stagnant, so we just came to visit and see if the opportunity can enlighten us.
You said you were from Cang Di Xian Xing.
I really didn’t expect this boss Hu to hear that Li Yueling’s words came from Cang Di Xian Xing, but he was very excited. Have those people seen the Jade Emperor just bestowing the new Western Tai Chi Emperor?
I know something, but I haven’t seen it before. I didn’t think about it. I was surprised by Li Yueling’s heart. I asked Boss Hu this question casually.
Oh, it’s not a big deal, but it’s a pity that you don’t know much about the new Emperor, or you need to stay in my place and go directly to the Emperor’s Hall to get VIP treatment, and maybe you can get a reward from the ancient immortals.
Boss, tell me more about it. When the eyes of the poisonous shadow turn, ask quickly
You don’t know that today’s new celestial position has made us cross the fairy city to protect the gods, which has caused us a lot of trouble. After all, they were once the hands of the celestial emperor. Although the former celestial emperor died, the ancient immortals are all nostalgic.
Even if Xintiandi is a famous name, it makes them cling to it. A few years ago, it was reported that Xintiandi went to Cangdi Xianxing.
However, due to the fact that they can’t go to the fairy city in two places at once, the ancient immortals ordered that any message that they could be a new emperor should be regarded as that guests crossing the fairy city could enter the temple of the emperor
It’s wonderful that a nostalgic person has picked such a good place when he first came to Tai Chi Xianxing. Li Yueling turned to see a poisonous shadow on the side and immediately took the lead. It’s a pity that we have nothing to tell the new Emperor. Thank you, boss Hu, for waking up.
Li Yueling’s poisoning shadow in the first-class training room stood upright in front of him, puzzled by the poison shadow. Master, just now, what happened to you?
This kind of thing can’t wait. We are new here, and we don’t know much about the situation here. How can we climb rashly? Let’s take a few days off here and take this opportunity to find out more about the specific situation of Tai Chi Xian Xing before deciding whether to go to the Temple of Heaven to meet the former staff of Heaven Emperor.
Li Yueling waved and said, Poison Shadow Xiaoqi, you two will ask for information outside for three days, and then come here. I will report and search all Tai Chi fairy star information from the distribution of power, cultivate immortality, cultivate magic and cultivate Buddha, and the proportion of several fairy stars, cultivate truth, cultivate abundant resources, and so on. We must get a white teacher to sit here for three days and wait for your good news.
Yes, Xiao Qi, the poison shadow, should both leave the door and walk all the way. The corners of the mouth of the poison shadow in the science of uniting the pavilion hang a smile. Third Martial Brother, are you and me spying together or acting separately?
Xiaoqi shrugged his shoulders and said that it is more efficient to do things as soon as possible, as safe as possible.
Well, let’s take a gamble on the third date and see who can get the message back more accurately. If we lose, we will be fined a magic weapon of medium terrace.
Big Brother, unless you know that Xiaoqi has too few magic weapons and wants to help him, I’ll take this bet. Xiaoqi has great faith in asking for information. After all, he used to be a middleman in the magic field, and it was very effective to play a lot of tricks.
Poison Shadow is not to be outdone, so I have a crush on your brother. You made that magic treasure years ago, so I’ll see you in three days.
It’s a deal.
Not to mention the fact that the poison shadow is about gambling, it is the widest Tai Chi Fairy Star, also known as the demon sanctuary, and the most chaotic Tai Chi Fairy Star, which covers an area of several tens of millions of miles and mountains and clouds.
Because the southern part is the richest resource of Taiji Fairy Star’s cultivation of truth, the king of Zhanshan is too numerous to mention. As small as 9,636 peaks, the master of the cave is 900 paste, and the king of the Jedi is a junior, and the demons gather together. There are also many more rare arhats, and the personnel are complicated and chaotic.
At this time, the three Jedi and one holy demon valley are the most earth in the demon sanctuary. The three holy kings and one crazy ghost demon are saying something with a seemingly sage like type Jin Xian.
Speaking of this crazy ghost demon, there are not many clear names in the purple mansion world, but in Taiji Fairy Star, everyone is afraid of it. It is said that this demon was born in a huge black spar in the deepest part of the underworld and was born in a broken stone tens of thousands of years ago. However, Sun Wushi was similar to the demon in those years, but one was adhering to the aura clock of heaven and earth, and the other was drawing on the rage in the underworld.
This day, the demon world actually injured the Tibetan King Bodhisattva in one fell swoop and fled to the underworld. Later, when the West came to destroy this demon, it knew that it was defeated, so it took advantage of the great magical power of the gap to suck up the ten thousand ghosts and ghosts in the underworld. I don’t know how many ghosts and ghosts fled from the pool of blood and water. Tai Chi Fairy Star seized the crazy ghost demon saint on the mountain with its magical power.
On the magical powers, this celestial demon was born to swallow clouds and rain, and it changed a lot, but it also cultivated nine celestial demons. You know, even the ordinary monster is the one who practiced for the longest time, but this demon is uniquely endowed, not only to cultivate nine gods, but also to refine the blood drawn from Styx into a blood field sacred banner with much greater power than a magic weapon.
And boasted that this thing is more powerful than the Buddha sitting in a golden lotus to crush the old gentleman’s congenital pole.
As early as before the sacred banner in the blood domain was refined, the demon of Mad Sand Day was already very hostile here, and it was even more reckless to build this treasure. If it were not for his scruples, it would have caused a lot of hidden masters to join hands to deal with him. I am afraid that Tai Chi Xianxing would have been turned upside down.
If the demon holy king wants to cross the fairy city according to the meaning of being original, it is necessary to unite with the other two holy kings. However, it is a thankless task. The speaker is a Taoist who was punished for breaking the dogma and was robbed in reincarnation, while he simply injured the law enforcement god and fled to Taiji Fairy Star. After several rounds, he went to the crazy sand demon.
This person’s name is xiao yue Zen master, but now he is xiao yue real person. He is the second generation brother of Shushan, and then he rebelled against Shushan and was finally punished when he fought against evil Emei.
After reincarnation, the immortal spirit will eventually make him a fairy, but sex is still difficult to change, and he is still a wicked man.
Chapter three hundred and forty-six Fantasy
Although xiao yue’s real strength is slightly higher than that of the pick fairyland, there are many treacherous tricks of others. Since he came to the Ghost Sea Poison Forest, he has given a lot of ideas to the crazy sand demon, which makes him not good at strategy. The demon has gained a lot of benefits, but he is also highly valued by the demon. He always wants to consult him about anything.
That is, yesterday, the Wild Sand Demon was looking for blood to eat. Unfortunately, it was stopped by people hundreds of miles outside Duxian City. Others were trying to maintain the neutrality of Duxian City. Today, one of the many protectors, the second-hand Wild Sand Demon, with the help of nine gods, was able to swallow the nosy Taixian, but he didn’t want to take another chance. Three Taixian Immortals joined forces to force him back, which made him suffer a little injury.
Conflicts arise because of this. Heaven demon’s mania for wind, wind, rain and rain is the first time to eat such a big loss. Are you willing to let it go? As soon as he returned to his lair, he immediately recruited xiao yue Jackson, a think tank, to destroy the idea of crossing the fairy city.
At the moment, the demon in the wild sand is dressed in a bright robe with red in black. Although it is beautiful, it has a strange look that makes people dare not stare at it. A red eye and a purple eye are much brighter than that gem. It seems that the voice is very magnetic and it can melt people.
Hum crossing the immortal city is hard to laugh at the evil spirit in the demon saint’s heart. xiao yue, you are in charge of your idea, but don’t think about being able to dispel the demon saint’s idea