Taiyi Buddha suddenly said

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"Tubo doesn’t want to see you, and he’s afraid he can’t help but shoot you to death, but it’s not suitable for your practice. It’s just that there are secluded places in Shu, and although it’s not secluded, he wants to share it with you. Will you?"
Wu Ming immediately promised that he didn’t want to see Tubo every day for fear of being shot to death.
Then I saw Tubo walking into the depths of Youdu, and Wu Ming followed Taiyi Tianzun from Youdu to the Forgotten River.
I don’t know when to get together and say something.
Wu Ming quietly gather together in the past.
Qingniu: "My master has been eating Lingdan more and more recently, and it’s getting tasteless."
Nine-headed lion: "I really envy you and I have not eaten in Miaoyan Palace for hundreds of years. That lion slave often scolds me and I am too lazy to talk to him."
Qing Niu: "You are too soft-hearted. Just beat him up and be honest. That’s what I do."
Nine-headed lion: "I’ll go back and try."
Wu Ming: σ? д? |||!
The two beasts were so engaged in chatting that they realized that there were more people beside them, and then they saw the Buddha coming out. The Nine Lions hurried forward and asked for the Buddha’s seat.
"Brother Qing Niu has to thank you for your two moves."
Wu Ming patted way
Green Niu Yi hoof lift way "master commanded or with you steal my magic, I have to wait for you to be beaten to death before making moves".
Wu Ming
This battle is a game secretly played by all parties in heaven, but judging from the results, it is doubtful whether the Tubo in Youdu is half-recruited or revived, and it coincides with the reincarnation of Ziwei Emperor in the underworld. An extra one who is not to be taunted will definitely spare energy to guard against Tubo.
In addition to the demon god palace, it is not clear whether the black hand Buddhism that fell from the sky intervened or not. Wu Ming was too lazy to take care of this trip, and he gained a lot.
Not only did the top three flowers produce the second flower, but also the second fairy with the handle of Youdu was obtained. It should not be difficult to prove that the fairy is smooth and profitable.
The gods protect the Buddha and return to heaven, and the remaining five ghosts and gods clean up the mess in the underworld.
There are tens of thousands of ghost soldiers, and there are still less than half of them. The ghost emperor wants to keep these elite ghost soldiers, but Tubo can’t promise such a large secluded place that he can’t handle big and small things alone.
Wu Mingye’s younger sister and others lost more than half of the 5,000 soldiers and horses of the ghost pawn army after the previous round, but there was also a credit for this battle. Generally speaking, there was no loss.
I know Wu Ming, and I’m going to visit his new fief. It’s not really a bird’s nest, is it?
It’s easy to draw a door of the underworld with your hand to master the name of Wu, the handle of Youdu.
Immediately, a dark mountain towering like a cloud in the dark swamp north of the wild goose gate.
Compared with the underworld, the rich yin qi is also rich, so it is too much to say that it is a ghost country.
Wu Ming went directly to Montenegro, and it was not nothing. It took only a moment to attract many ghosts and evil spirits.
The mountains are full of marshes, but there is no smell. It’s all yin. No wonder they are attractive to these ghosts.
If it’s too embarrassing, it’s your own territory. How can you build it?
Immediately, the name of Wu appeared, and the second Yuan God changed his body into a unique horn. Suddenly, Fiona Fang was in his hands.
Then he ordered Meng Jia to buy some materials to make this place a second’ quiet capital’
Youdu Tubo opened his mouth and spit out five figures immediately from his mouth.
On the spot, it was half melted by Wu Ming, and the black-faced ghost handsome was swallowed up by the six-gas Lord. Four ghosts handsome were completely dead to him.
"See Hades"
Chapter 274 The theory of merit confers positive results on buddha magic.
"Multi-eyes have made meritorious deeds in subduing demons. Today, nine mysterious spirits have been sealed, and the true king has eliminated evil and returned evil, and the karma has been removed to maintain the order of yin and yang."
Wu Ming-qian gave thanks.
"Congratulations, Zhenjun."
Vigorously the ghost king handed the jade emperor’s golden decree to Wu Mingqian to congratulate him.
Although this true gentleman was cut off from the post of the general of the Lei Department, he kept the immortal. Now he is really promoted, which makes him very admired. After all, just look at Marshal Tianpeng and General Shutter Field.
"Please, the ghost king’s barren hills entertain several spiritual peaches in the view."
After some delay, the ghost king vigorously closed his eyes and smiled and turned to the heavenly palace.
Wu Ming is still a little dragon man, holding a golden edict and giving him an official position without much joy.
Now that he has mastered the secret handle and needs his supervision, Tubo will naturally give him an official position. Tubo’s jade emperor also has a seal, and he should be regarded as Tubo’s assistant official, but this is a name that is strict and obedient.
On the position of Yamaraja, he is the same, but in fact he is still a shareholder. Yamaraja is incompetent and can be changed at will, but as long as he still holds the handle of Youdu, his position will be stable.
But this residence is too desolate. It will not happen overnight to build palaces and castles. After Wu Ming plans to prepare all the materials, the Heavenly Palace will invite several craftsmen and excelsiors to come.