Chapter 226 in cahoots

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"Well, you’ve been hiding in the tree all day today." Liu Xixi seems to be particularly concerned today. He asks everyone to search # net to see the latest and fastest.
Bailai didn’t want to talk to her, but she remembered that the emperor told her to respect and love her. She was the future empress.
So Bai finally decided to say yes with a straight face after a difficult choice, and then pretended to leave and sneak back when she didn’t pay so much attention.
"Well," did he just go to the toilet once today, or did he hurriedly call number one instead of this to run?
In lunch, I also ate two bags at random in the tree. Dinner is always painful for the dark guards.
Liu Xixi beckoned at night and said, "Come and eat, you can eat while taking a shower."
Bai thought hard for a while, then shook his collar warily. "We dark guards also have dignity to busk and not sell ourselves."
After thinking about it, he added "martial arts"
Well, it’s so principled. Besides, if he dares to have anything with the future imperial concubine, he will be implicated by the nine families.
Liu Xixi’s head is covered with black lines. "Don’t think about it. I just want to invite you to take a bath and eat. I promise I won’t watch me go to sleep outside. Call me when you’re finished washing."
White wanted to think clearly, "You don’t want to take a shower, but you should deliberately show it to Moxi."
Liu Xixi laughed at the evil spirits at night. "I’m really embarrassed that you know it."
I didn’t see the white face. You’re embarrassed to come.
"A word to wash or not to wash" Liu Sunseeker instantly took out the majesty that belongs to the empress.
White "washing"
So the two men were in cahoots at once, and Liu Xixi went out happily at night, and soon slept like a pig and immersed himself in hot water, which was simply a dream.
How long ago did you think you were a hotbed of aristocratic brothers, warm pillows and beautiful handmaiden? Now it is difficult to meet your family.
Two people are relieved, but there are two people sneaking around outside.
"Hey, hey, I’m too embarrassed to open the body guard and run like a thief with you." The official curtain growled discontentedly
Xuanyuan winds a glaring "don’t you dare to listen to me, I will report that you seek personal gain and get me into the body-guard to hum, but you will be prostrate."
"You won’t" official curtain not sure tunnel
"I will" Xuanyuan winds suddenly straight tall body mouth to shout.
The official curtain jumped up like a big baboon and covered his mouth. "Come on, come on, I’m unlucky. My family must have owed you in a previous life."
Xuanyuan winds hey hey smile poop-poop dripping clap officer behind the scenes back almost took him to "good brothers, haha, etc. Find my brother and invite you to eat braised beef"
"The poor wretch gave some money to the victims" was despised by the official curtain.
"If you have no money, you will know that you are looking for your brother. You can honestly explain whether you are too poor to find your brother recently."
General Weiyuan showed a dense white tooth. "Why don’t you help me a little? My brother is a servant and he is quite poor."
The eyes of the official curtain turned over. "It’s not that you don’t know that my family was copied once because of my brother’s business."
W w w collect and organize, return or leave the club.
Chapter 227 Brother, you misunderstood.
The suffering brothers looked at each other and finally took the initiative. "Let’s look for your brother first, not to say that he can do business. Is his eyes poisonous? Why don’t we look for him to get some ideas? My grandfather sent me three shops and asked everyone to search & the internet is the newest and fastest."
"Well, look at the brothers, you are so happy to decide." Xuanyuan winds patted the official curtain shoulder with satisfaction.
"I’m seven and you are three in my shop." The official curtain was so angry that he nagged while chasing behind.
"All right, you’re seven and I’m three." Xuanyuan winds up with good advice.