The chain is strong enough, but the face lock may not be able to withstand the toss of the cow bank.

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Ten minutes later, Xie’s guess came true. The lock was overwhelmed by Niu Ku Yin’s efforts again and broke into several pieces and hit the ground.
Niu Kuyin has never been so humiliated in his life. He needs to thank Jiang Zhichu for joining hands to close the coffin lid. The man he pushed to the limit suddenly got up from the coffin.
The silver face of the cowshed is as black as coke, and the chest is also fluctuating violently, and the fingers are curled up and the grievances are unfolding.
Seeing Niu Kuyin step out of the coffin, Jiang Zhichu put the knife in front of him. "He was very angry."
Thank you for sending up a lip corner. "Then I’ll help him reduce the fire."
He lean over and end up with a brazier filled with chicken blood, and poured it head-on according to that cow bank’s silver.
Cow bank silver "? ?”
Even at the beginning of Jiang Ji, I looked at Xie in disbelief.
Thank you for sending "I heard that the rooster’s blood exorcises evil spirits. You see that he is not moving."
Jiang Jichu pursed his lips. "He should make you angry."
Cow bank silver in a moment to react with chicken blood rushed to thank send.
Xie sent a flicker to avoid taking out a lighter and lighting it. He had already prepared a torch to reach each other’s chest when Niukuyin struck again.
The flame burned a big hole in the silver short sleeve of the cowshed, but there was no effect on the opposite skin.
Thanks for sending the fruit, throw away the torch and rush into the rain a few steps.
Niu Kuyin followed his right fist closely, carrying rain and wind and hitting Xie Ji alongside of.seem.
At the beginning of Jiang Ji’s life, the long knife was drawn out and aimed at the silver arm of Niuku and swung out hard.
It is possible to cut the Shishi into two long knives behind Niukuyin, but even the skin can’t be broken, but it will make your wrists numb.
Xie sent a glance at Jiang Zhichu through the rain, and the latter bent down to pick up the brick of the pressure shed and threw it into the distance with the long knife behind his back.
Tonight, the heavy breathing and heartbeat were covered by the rain. When the two stopped moving, Niu Kuyin lost his goal and hesitated for a few minutes to walk.
The three of them are not far away, and Niukuyin walks around at random, just slowly approaching Xieji.
When it was two meters away from Xie Mail, Niu Ku Yin suddenly jumped up and pounced on Xie Mail accurately.
Xie send ready to avoid after grabbed by Jiang Ji early cut off half a stone lion according to the cow bank silver head hit.
Thank you. "He can see!"
Niu Ku-yin was smashed, and Jiang Ji made two steps to get to the long knife and cut it in the back of his neck.
Cow bank silver roared and turned to catch at the beginning of Jiang Ji.
It takes a moment for dirty purple claws to penetrate the body, but Jiang Zhichu can’t avoid pulling a shadow with his left hand.
Claw shadows collide, causing hair-raising vertical friction and then hitting Jiang Zhichu in the abdomen with force.
Jiang Zhichu was struck by Niukuyin abruptly, and his eyes revealed a somewhat fierce opportunity to stab the long knife into Niukuyin’s eyes!
Invulnerability, invulnerability, and invulnerability. Does the defensive shell include the dead hole of eyes?
Cow bank silver clutching his right eye backwards several steps crazy twisted body.
Xie Ji ran to Jiang Jichu’s side. "Are you all right?"
Jiang Jichu shook his head. "No matter how deep you are, you can’t get in."
The strength of the cow bank is getting stronger, and the eyes can be turned into claws. Even the IQ has increased, which is worse than last night.
Thank you for sending "you can’t spend the whole night like this"
It won’t work to cheat into the coffin again.
He looked around the circle and locked his eyes on the chain that was broken by Niu Kuyin.
Jiang Jichu "do you want to tie him up? But there is no support around here. "
A dirt road-Ma Pingchuan is holding a shed, an iron frame has a thumb, but there are trees to tie in the yard. Everyone has to sleep tonight.
Xie Ji thought of something and asked, "How long can you last?"
At the beginning of Jiang Ji’s tone, he was insipid "until he died"
Xie sent a pat on Jiang Yunchu’s shoulder. "Don’t wait for me for five minutes until he dies." Then he rushed into Niujiayuan.
Jiang Zhichu didn’t ask Xie Ji where he was going to carry a knife to stop the cattle from taking away the silver.
The novice bss Niu Ku Yin is really miserable.
Not forty hours after the card was opened, I was sent all kinds of humiliation by Xie, but I didn’t get it well. I was dug by him again, and the fishy chicken blood was washed clean by the heavy rain, but there was still a residue.
He easily dodged the attack of Niu Ku Yin and caught a glimpse of the simple grill overturned in the fight.
I haven’t finished the roast chicken yet.
But I can’t eat it anymore
At the beginning of Jiang Ji’s heart, he was agitated, and after several hours of heavy rain, there was no tendency to hold the knife tighter and tighter.
Why don’t you dig out the remaining eye of the cow bank?
At the moment when he was about to start work, he came to the door of the cow’s house.
Thank you for sending your forehead and hair. The facial features on the top of your head are more stereoscopic by the night. The rain meanders along the eyebrow peak and the bridge of your nose like a fresh meridian.
It is said that thin-lipped people are easy to be associated with temperament. cool thin can thank her for sending her lips with a kind of wind and rain. Just missing a smile makes people feel confident.
Xie Ji’s dark leisure is already wet and faintly reveals the shape of chest muscles and abdominal muscles.
Jiang Zhichu was about to say goodbye to concave modeling when he saw a donkey and a pig parked by Xie Ji’s two long legs.