Otherwise, JiLan isn’t sure whether this frail family, big or small, can survive this winter.

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Seeing the water tank Jilan moved and saw a doorway, Su Fang didn’t come back, so he put his hand on the surface of the water tank, and a clear spring immediately flowed into the water tank along his fingertips, and soon the water tank was full.
Lingquan water can strengthen the body, although it is not obvious for a while, but the long-term benefits are very great. Now their family of four are weak chickens, and drinking more Lingquan water is definitely good.
However, and Lingquan are his secrets, and he won’t tell anyone, even his family, this secret for the time being.
After filling the water tank, JiLan poured himself a full belly. It was really noon when the potherb porridge was not full. He was able to cushion the spring water.
"Husband, you’re awake." Just after leaving the kitchen, I saw Su Fang coming back. When I saw Jilan, my eyes lit up, just like a kitten seeing its owner, I trotted over and put my hand on Jilan.
"I was just looking for you, Xiao Fang. Let’s go to the mountain to see if there is any prey in the trap."
JiLan didn’t refuse to help Sudan. Although it was a shame to say it, being helped by Sudan really saved him a lot of effort.
There is also a reason for Jilan to visit the mountain. It has been almost two hours since he dug a trap at noon, that is, four hours. How should some prey be attracted by the spring water?
At this moment, Qi Lan is much better than at noon. The most obvious thing is that the number of road breaks is much less. At half past noon, he arrived at the trap-digging place.
"Husband, husband, the trap has been broken!" Su Fang’s sharp-eyed Qi Lan hasn’t seen anything yet.
There is still a bit of anxiety in the future. Qi Lan is excited to explain to Su Fang that "there must be prey falling into Xiaofang. Go and see if it escapes."
Say that finish don’t hold the Soviet Union. I’m also very happy to keep up with Jilan’s explanation. If the speed is slower, I will decisively let go of Jilan and trot towards the trap. Then Jilan heard the Soviet Union yelling at the sound.
"Husband, husband, come and see there are pheasants and rabbits!"
"Really? Catch them quickly. By the way, find something to tie them up and don’t let them escape. "
A listen to the prey JiLan feel weak body has poured out a force quickly came to the Soviet side.
Sure enough, I saw two rabbits and a pheasant crowded in the trap.
While JiLan was talking, Su Fang had pulled several thatches from the side and twisted them into a rope.
Then the pheasant was quickly caught from the trap, and the thatched rope tied the pheasant’s wings and feet together, followed by two rabbits.
"Husband, you are amazing. You can catch prey by digging a hole. I didn’t know that before."
After tying the three prey parts to make sure that they won’t escape, Su Fang immediately looked at Jilan with star-eyed worship.
It’s embarrassing to be looked at by this worship. He can’t say that it’s bait that is important to the trap, can he?
God knows there is no bait in the eyes of Sudan.
So he can pretend not to see the worship in Soviet eyes.
"Let’s restore this place first, and come back early tomorrow to see if we dig more traps sometimes."
JiLan secretly put some power water into the trap again.
Then he quickly rearranged the trap, but Su Fang was so excited that he didn’t notice his little move.
"Uncle Yao, where have you been?" When I got home, two little guys heard the noise and ran quickly and hugged their legs in shock.
Jilan blamed herself. Obviously, both of them were not at home just now. The little guy woke up and was scared when he couldn’t find them.
"Xiaofeng Xiaoyue’s brother-in-law and uncle Yao just went to the mountain. What do you think uncle Yao has? Shall we eat chicken tonight?"
JiLan touched two little guys’ heads to comfort them, and then held one hand to show them what Sudan was holding.
"Chicken tonight we eat chicken! Great, brother-in-law! " Xiaofeng suddenly got excited, and Xiaoyue was the same, which was more subtle than Xiaofeng Xiaoyue’s excitement.
The two little guys suddenly forgot the fear of being abandoned before, and completely fell into the excited atmosphere of eating meat. Jilan felt sad, but the grandchild of the county rich family was so excited when he heard about eating meat.
You can imagine what day they spent in Qijia.
But JiLan soon readjusted her mood, and it was all over before.
From now on, everything can start all over again, whether it’s him or the three children in front of him. "Okay, Xiaofeng Xiaoyue, stop around Uncle Yao or Uncle Yao will have a hard time doing things."
Chapter 5 Kill the chicken and eat the meat
Soothed the two little guys, Qi Lan, who was equally happy with Su Fang, said, "Xiao Fang, take two rabbits to the village head’s house to change some coarse grains, salt and ginger."
"ah? Don’t stay to sell? " Sudan obviously has some ideas that are not white Jilan.
"Don’t worry, we’ll dig more traps in the mountains and catch more prey before we buy them. Now there is no money or food at home to exchange these things."
There is not a grain of rice at home, and that’s all. There is not even salt.
You know, salt is a necessity for human life. If you don’t eat salt for a long time.
However, it’s easy to get nervous breakdown, weak body, weak pulse, muscle spasm, impaired blurred vision and even neck disease.
But these don’t need to be explained too much. After all, it is estimated that these three little guys can’t understand them before.
In fact, there is no need for Qi Lan to explain too much. When he spoke, Su Fang was obedient and went out with two rabbits.
Qi Feng, the "brother-in-law rabbit", sipped saliva and watched it taken away by Uncle Yao. The two rabbits felt that they had eaten a lot less meat.
"It’s okay rabbit didn’t have our home and pheasant, isn’t it?
Xiaofeng and his brother-in-law go to make a fire and we’ll stew chicken for dinner. "
Qi Lan scooped up a pot of water and then sat in front of the stove and started to light the fire to boil water. He won’t know these things when he comes.