"Reel!" Ms. Rouse’s screaming made Dr. Otto suddenly turn around and no experiment was as important as her beloved wife.

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"Doctor’s energy shield is broken", an unheard-of sound sounded in Dr. Otto’s ear. His absence was enough for the metal claw to try to control tritium to break through the energy shield.
Just like a real sun, a violent flare broke out, and the magnetic field energy quickly released the magnetic lines of force, and the energy particles passed through the protective cover and ejected outward, showing a flame whipping on Dr. Otto.
The strong magnetic field conversion energy instantly filled Dr. Otto’s body, and the overload flow burned the chip to suppress the claw along the way along the metal claw of Dr. Otto’s body, rather than extending to the body along every nerve end of Dr. Otto’s body.
Great pain hit, but the doctor tried to move his body to protect his wife. It’s a pity that the powerful current paralyzed all the nerves in his body. Even if Dr. Otto has perseverance now, he can’t control even a finger.
Strong magnetic field causes metal door frames and window frames to be squeezed and deformed. All substances are attracted by the red giant star formed by tritium. It already has a red giant star, and the law of universal gravitation has occurred in it.
Dr. Otto twisted the metal and broke the glass in front of the nuclear fusion test bench, which was like a sharp knife thrust at his body.
"no!" He watched helplessly as Ms. Reeds stood in front of him and was cut into pieces by high-speed flying sharp substances. The flesh and blood mixed together like a bloody rain on him.
At this time, Dr. Otto found that his body had regained a little command. He held out his hand trembling and a few drops of blood fell into the palm of Dr. Otto’s hand. He took it back and felt sticky.
He failed, and all his reputation, status and happiness were destroyed by this damn experiment.
Dr. Otto covered his eyes tightly with his hands, forcing himself not to look, listen or think. It seems that everything has stopped working, including sometimes.
"This part is all fake!"
Dr. Otto mumbled that he wanted to escape from reality, but he suddenly opened his eyes with his eyes half closed. "No, these are all true." Although the dreamland is false, everything in the dreamland has been experienced by Dr. Otto personally.
"The reed is dead, you terrible things. What is necessary even if I am here?" Dr Otto looked coldly at the metal claws flying freely behind him, growling as if they had broken free from the shackles.
He felt lonely and desperate, and it was not everyone who could bear the feeling of being disheartened for the first time in doctor octopus’s heart to experience another nightmare.
"Wait a minute, there’s a sound in my head." doctor octopus paused for a moment and then a distorted sound said.
"No, it’s not my fault. How could I kill my beloved reed? By the way, how did I forget that it was Spider-Man and him? "
Doctor octopus’s memory was restored in the metal touch claw. Unfortunately, the dreamland that Imil can control now can have an effect on the creatures he fears.
Although the artificial intelligence programs in mechanical arms are advanced in the existing technology, they do not have real human feelings after all. They are rational and indifferent and will never be afraid.
Naturally, it will not be affected by Imil’s ability.
"When you come out, I know you’re looking at me. You killed my wife. I want you to pay for it!" Doctor octopus raised his fists behind the four metal claws, which added a few minutes to his ShaQi.
"Haha, was it still discovered?" A figure emerged from the blood on the ground. It was peter parker whose face was covered with a cold and evil smile.
Doctor octopus looked at the enemy he had been pestering for a long time, then shook his head and said, "You are not Peter or Spider-Man. Who are you?"
Peter’s body melted like an ice cream baked by a flame and slowly piled up into another appearance. "I am you, otto gunther octavius." He conjured up a figure and appearance that were exactly the same as those of doctor octopus. The only difference was that there were two dark fires burning in his eyes.
Chapter 44 Home court advantage
Weird scene for the first time is not looking at yourself in the mirror. This feeling makes doctor octopus a little uncomfortable, but he soon stabilized his mood. There is nothing wrong with flying metal claws behind Imil. He is still alone!
"What the hell are you?"
Wisp of light blue Yin qi visible to that naked eye diffuse out of Imil’s doctor octopus body, and even a fool can know that this guy who can manipulate nightmares freely is not a normal human being.
Mutant? Aliens? Or an evil spirit in hell?
Yin qi swept up, and the dark green fire ignited from the whirlwind. Imil’s real body slowly emerged, and the virtual body was covered with a thin layer of frost in doctor octopus’s laboratory with the cold and evil wind.
"Bow your head and sinners offer you fear in the face of darkness!" Imil’s face hung with a cold and evil smile, and he floated gently in the middle of his hand, revealing a small soul
"Reel!" Doctor octopus recognized who the soul played by Imil belonged to at the first time.
"You don’t you" doctor octopus lowered his head in front of Imil to manipulate the human soul, which is definitely not a mortal power. He speculated about Imil’s identity
Imil felt that doctor octopus’s fear was gradually weakening. He shook his head and laughed. "No, no, I’m not who you think I am."
A flame burst into his palm, and Ms. Reeds’ soul wailed in the flame.
Doctor octopus involuntarily looked up to see Ms. Rees’ face suddenly turned into her own in the flame, and at the same time, the flame spurted out of his mouth and burned.
Such a high-temperature flame shouldn’t exist in the world. Even the special metal claws behind him gradually softened and tended to be melted. doctor octopus violently resisted. His claws flew around trying to throw out the flames burning from his body.
"I have been magnified to the extreme in your fear, and now this is my home court."
With the help of doctor octopus’s fear, Imil is stronger than ever. Although it is based on doctor octopus’s own memory of dreams, the real controller has become Imil.
In reality, doctor octopus’s metal claws grabbed Spider-Man’s neck, and several other super criminals confronted him, but he suddenly stopped moving and came to Spider-Man to stare blankly. "This is a good opportunity!"
He earned the capacity and found that doctor octopus really lost consciousness. Without doctor octopus’s control, the metal claw would have no former power
Spider-Man escaped from the claws and jumped his legs. The whole person was already attached to the wall of a building. Some looked at doctor octopus curiously and didn’t know what happened to him.
No one can see the clue from doctor octopus’s face covered with sunglasses, but his mouth kept whispering meaningless dreams. Not only that, but many wounds suddenly appeared on his body, just like the place where he was scratched by debris in his dream.
The injury in the dream is truly reflected in doctor octopus’s body. This horrible scene has already attracted the attention of several other super criminals.
I have to say that these super criminals are also people who have gone through big waves. They soon discovered the strangeness of doctor octopus.
"What now?" The chameleon quietly patted the scorpion’s shoulder and frowned. "It seems that doctor octopus was attacked, but why didn’t we even notice it?"
Among these five people, rhinoceros is a violent idiot, while mystery man and thriller are both science houses. At best, they are weapons manufacturers. It seems that the chameleon, an international killer and terrorist, is also an investigator from the US government, that is, a spy scorpion. He also needs to discuss a thing or two with him.
"Obviously," Scorpion nodded his head, and he also didn’t feel abnormal. In his view, doctor octopus was attacked without rhyme or reason.
The chameleon said, "It seems that you and I are going to have a sincere relationship before we figure out the attack method."
Scorpion’s face changed, and he didn’t believe that these people could really get together one day. Even if they formed an evil six-person group to deal with Spider-Man, it was only mutual benefit for Scorpion.
"Don’t you think it’s horrible?" said the chameleon. So many of us didn’t even notice who launched the attack and what methods could be used to make doctor octopus in an instant. "
Doctor octopus’s strength in the evil six groups has a faint first trend, and he has fallen into the nightmare created by Imil. Although there are many things, it is only a short moment in reality.
Spider-Man feel ear words just fell doctor octopus body has been stiff.
If we can’t figure out such terrorist means, these super criminals will have no taste even if they eat. After all, helping Spider-Man is to choose to be their enemy anyway.
No one wants to fall into the hands of others like doctor octopus unconsciously. The poisoned scorpion nodded and looked at the chameleon. "How do you want to close it?"
The chameleon smiled slyly. "We two wise men naturally shouldn’t try poison. I think rhinoceros is rough-skinned. Why don’t we just trick him into trying the truth first?"
Scorpion’s face turned ugly and immediately smiled, "That’s a good idea!"
The rhinoceros man and the scary, mysterious man are vigilantly watching and falling into a lethargic nightmare. doctor octopus suddenly hears the scorpion cry, "Stop this stupidity! Look, Spider-Man has run away!"
Although Spider-Man got away from doctor octopus’s metal claws, he was still worried that these gathered super criminals had been squatting on the wall watching them.
These super criminals were attracted by doctor octopus’s strangeness before their attention, and they forgot to deal with Spider-Man, who was called a freshman by Scorpion, and then suddenly came to my mind.
The chameleon was the first to rush towards Spider-Man. He didn’t forget to say, "Scorpion and I will deal with Spider-Man and see if there is any way to wake doctor octopus up!"
Spider-Man is their old rival, and everyone knows well. Even if they hand in hand, there will be no fatal danger. But if they stay where they are and take care of doctor octopus, God knows if they will meet the mysterious attacker again. No one wants to face this kind of attack.
Chapter 45 Chaos
"Uh-oh, it doesn’t look good." There was a slight pause because of the abnormality in doctor octopus. The situation suddenly became worse again. A chameleon and a scorpion took the lead and the mysterious man’s horror also rushed towards Spider-Man.
Sure enough, among these people, rhinoceros is the most kind person. He obediently stayed beside doctor octopus and seemed to want to study what happened to Dr.
However, this "honest man" who is not very clever looks into a coma. doctor octopus is also a hand-trick and doesn’t know what to do.