They are not projecting at this time, and they are not in the territory of hell. Once they die, they are really finished and given the position of Defense of the Ancients. When they die, they have no core hell will, and naturally they will go back. The demons can gather new positions in their territory. To put it bluntly, don’t look at the demon king and treat them well, but it is far from the real Defense of the Ancients.

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But who wants to die when a normal intelligent creature can live enough? Tree-headed wooden fist and cave tauren are powerful monsters, and I don’t know how many years they have accumulated before they set foot on the fifth stage and were given the status of Defense of the Ancients, thus gaining great power and having eternal life. Who would want to be completely gray? "Run away separately." After a while, the ashes Lord suggested.
"You can’t escape from separation today, and no one can run away." A sound seems to come out of the nine secluded places, and it makes people’s hearts freeze. When this sound enters their ears, five Defense of the Ancients Qiqi shuddered. Lakanius looked back and saw an elderly human wearing keel armor, who had appeared behind them. His eyes fell on the armor "Tara Xia Body Rathma" and he recognized the armor style at a glance, thus knowing the owner of the armor.
Northrend and Phoenix appeared one after another behind stevo. Lacanius and Bishop had to get up together, and the other three Defense of the Ancients looked like enemies. Even so, everyone knew that they were already at the end of their tether and were about to rest and restore their mana, but the other party picked the right time to come over. "Rathma, Inarius and Phoenix are too arrogant to leave us with you three."
Lacani Hugh looked at stevo and Phoenix mercilessly, and then suddenly ignited his will core, which dried up in an instant. The will core was constantly instilled with "breeding" with the mana released by the burning will. Lacani Hugh rolled up Bishop’s beard and started to run away. After several non-stop flights, he ran thousands of meters away. "When will the ashes escape separately?" Lacani Hugh’s voice penetrated back.
Wooden fist and tauren Defense of the Ancients glances at the same time reveal the color of despair. They both have no experience and no escape witchcraft. Now Lacanius and Bishop must throw them away. Isn’t that dead? The bright green light kept shining in the eye frame of the ashes cave. I don’t know what I was thinking. At this moment, Phoenix opened the longbow in the palm of his hand and collapsed forward. A sharp arrow shot out toward Lacanius and Bishop, and accelerated the power operation of free rules to the limit. Listen to a scream, and Lacanius flashed once. After the delivery, Bishop’s head had an arrow, and there was one left in the two combinations.
"It’s really amazing." Bishop was at least a Defense of the Ancients who was shot dead by an arrow and was shot in the process of delivery. Who can escape such power unless he expands his field? Is it feasible to expand the field at this time? Once Defense of the Ancients expands its field, it will be bound by the field. At that time, these people will not make moves and wait for the forces of the Horatim Brotherhood to unite and crush it.
Bishop was killed in an instant. Lacanius was also sweating, and even the Phoenix arrow was not used. The threat was too great. Didn’t you see that Bishop was shot in the process of delivery? Even in hell, he didn’t dare to go out of his own field to deal with death. As silent as death, Lakanius was beside Bishop. He clearly knew that Lakanius’s body and the core of this projected will collapsed with one arrow. It would be the same for him. "Andariel, your head was really kicked by a cow."
As the saying goes, opponents are afraid of gods, and teammates like pigs. If Andariel knows that she is a hell, she knows that she has the stupidest head. Well, the sword demon is also a kind of sinking demon. If she knows that she is despised by the sinking demon and is a teammate like a pig, she will definitely feel koo-ah, and then she will completely break the fields of Lacanius and Bishop and completely destroy them. However, she dare not and can’t help Lacanius and Bishop, but it is not her turn to make decisions.
At this moment, the sun quacked for two seconds, and a blue delivery door opened, and a figure in a black robe came out from the inside. "Another field of talk" Lacani Hugh completely sank to the bottom of his heart and complained to Andariel to the extreme. It would be great if Defense of the Ancients, a big ticket from Candelas, sold her and fled together. Now he has already arrived in the East China. It will not be like this. This time, Lacani Hugh knows that there is nothing more for him in the shelter world.
"Winster, you have come to Andariel and have fallen?" As stevo’s words were exported, Lacani Hugh turned his head and looked at Zhi Li carefully. That name was brought by Andariel in the previous hell. It was the Andariel projection that fell in this person’s hand. Zhi Li nodded and didn’t speak. His eyes swept across the entire Defense of the Ancients group. "Lacani Hugh, don’t stay." In a word, Lacani Hugh’s projection fruit was decided
"Damn!" Lacani Hugh bit his teeth and looked at Zhi Li, thinking that he would lead millions of people in Defense of the Ancients’s territory. The demons all regarded him as a symbol of hope that even a projection at this time would be so hastily decided to live and die. He had been treated like this. "In that case, die with dignity. It’s just a projection." Lacani Hugh sneered at his heart. Can life and death be decided by others? Moment by moment, the flame lit quietly in the core of his will.
A single spark can start a prairie fire, and the flame is quietly ignited, and soon it burns all over the core of the will from the outside. Gradually, his body is moved by his heart, and his body is also boiling. "Ow!" Lakani Hugh roared and his body suddenly ignited a flame, and his power before mana was almost stronger than that of his body when he won. With this roar, his body suddenly turned into emptiness, and he actually appeared in front of Zhi Li.
"Overbite" Lacani Hugh sacrificed a blow to Li Zhi almost at the same time. An arrow and a mountain of fists had fallen on him, and his body flew backwards like a shell leaving a chamber for more than ten miles before falling to the ground. During the flight, his flame became bigger and bigger, and finally "boom" the flame and flash overflowed like a small nuclear bomb, and a huge fireworks and dust flying impact exploded on the earth. After all, it rolled up a pile of smoke and dust and then dissipated, so did Defense of the Ancients.
When LacaniHugh died, Zhi Li’s eyes finally fell on three local Defense of the Ancients. He felt that the situation was wrong since he came out of the array, and then he got a glimpse of the mystery. Defense of the Ancients, such as LacaniHugh, came to the shelter world. It was a projection, and even a distracted person was not dead, that is, for Defense of the Ancients, anyway, the strength was limited by the territory reaching the limit, so it stopped growing, and the loss of gathering a distracted person to go out to play was not a big loss. But for Defense of the Ancients in these shelter worlds, it was a complete death. Zhi Li looked at it from the blacksmith’s perspective.
"To be or not to be" Zhi Li’s sentence determines the fate of Lacani Hugh’s projection. Lacani Hugh’s explosive blow was also struck to death by him like a child’s play. This strength is not to mention that other people say that the field is simple and he is alone here. Fortunately, several Defense of the Ancients are no longer enemies. At this time, when Zhi Li asks questions, there is still a way out. The wooden fist and the cave tauren will hope that their eyes will rest on Li Zhishen. Only the eyes of the ashes lords are still flashing.
Zhi Li said that he would condense the torrent of heaven and earth into a half-empty and half-solid crystal and throw it in front of three Defense of the Ancients. "If you want to live, you will integrate your will core and carry the torrent of hell into it." Then he said to stevo, "President stevo gave me these Defense of the Ancients, so it’s not bad for me to control Defense of the Ancients."
Stevo, if you don’t understand what he means, there will be a war in Herason, Winster sooner or later. Herason has Hellscream and Defense of the Ancients, but what does Winstead have? At the moment, the existing occult skills naturally help boost strength. Ask him if it is a courtesy. stevo does not object to Phoenix, nor does he object to the decision of the Brotherhood of Geraldine. Northrend can’t say anything.
Silence didn’t last long. It was shaped like a gorilla’s wooden fist. It was the first to pick up the crystal and take the initiative. It was hard to become immortal. Who would want to die like this? Yu said that it would be subject to people in Andariel’s hands. What’s the difference between this person and this one? It’s ironic that the mutant mouse in the north of Taimo Highland, who doesn’t even have wisdom, has become the king of the forest, although the wooden fist on the tree head looks silly, but his head is not stupid.
As soon as the core of the will was integrated, it immediately triggered the torrent of hell. Zhi Li immediately felt that the power of Huntian Seal was growing sharply, and the hell breath of the tree-headed wooden fist body was also changing sharply. The reason why the power of hell became sharp and fierce, and he also changed into a white ape as he began to restore to its original state.
Once, two gorillas took the lead, and the tauren didn’t think about how long it took him to hold the crystal in his hand. He soon completed the process, and his image has also changed greatly. Well, this change is really a little big. The two corners of his head disappeared in this change, and his body shape has also shrunk dramatically. In the end, it turned out to be a kobold. The integration of the two Defense of the Ancients will cores and the torrent made Zhi Li Huntian Seal rise a complete theory. Finally, it depends on this ashes.
"Kill me." The ashes picked up the crystal and then put it on the ground. When he spoke, two Defense of the Ancients looked at him in amazement, and so did Zhi Li. He could feel that this Defense of the Ancients was really begging for death. "Do you have any nostalgia for life?" Zhi Li asked, "Although it will be subject to me, I will not treat you as slaves in my eyes. In the future, the refuge world will have you to die?"
In the eyes of the Ashes Lord Cave, the flame with gold in the green is constantly shining, which seems to be thinking about something. "What’s the point of living in pain for me and living forever?" Kill me, "said the main ashes collar. Then Phoenix suddenly came forward." I know this staff. This is Leo Rick Albuquerque’s staff. You are Albuquerque. "
As the name was uttered by Phoenix, the ashes suddenly shook their backs and then shrank to the ground and covered their heads with their hands. "No, no, I’m not Albuquerque. I’m not Albuquerque. I’m the future master of the kingdom of Candelas. He won’t surrender to hell. He won’t kill his subjects. He won’t …" The ashes’ souls vibrated and kept making mechanical sounds, and some of them tried their best and kept passing his pain around so that everyone could feel it.
"Winster, he is Albuquerque. Andariel claims to torture the queen, and her favorite thing is to let life torture and destroy itself in correction." Phoenix looked at Albuquerque sympathetically. She also met Albuquerque when the kingdom of Candelas invaded the Horatim Monastery in his early years. At that time, Albuquerque was the king and the future king of Candelas. At that time, he was as high-spirited as handsome, but at this time he was as crazy as his father.
Phoenix, the "damned devil", said with hatred that such a tragedy would be liked by Andariel, the madman, and that he would take it as happiness until he knew that the ashes Lord in front of him and everyone would have sympathy eyes on him. "Hehe" When he heard Phoenix’s words, Zhi Li laughed instead of sympathy. "Is this person also worthy of sympathy? It’s just a coward. Why don’t you die and kill you yourself? I’m still too dirty. Lord Albert Ashes, kill yourself. Isn’t it easy to die like Lacanius did? "
"If you want to die, he would have died. Wait until now. You used to be a paladin, and fencing is to sacrifice you. Won’t you? What the hell forces force and what has been controlled by the hell forces is a self-deception and fear of death. Isn’t self-sacrifice very simple? You’re right. You’re not Albuquerque. You just have Albuquerque. "
"No, no, I’m Albuquerque, I’m Albuquerque, I’m not a coward, I’m not a poor thing." The ashes roared wildly with their heads, but the mechanical sound handed him out all his struggles and pains. He held his head in pain and kept rolling and set off waves of smoke.
"You are not poor? Are you Albuquerque? " Zhi Li scoffed, "What proof do you have that you are not a coward? What proof do you have that you are a poor man? What proof do you have that you are Albuquerque? How did all this cause you pain? Who brought it? Suicide courage is not even revenge courage. What’s the point of you in this world? "
"Yes, there is no courage to commit suicide or revenge, and there is no point in me. What is the point?" The main force of the ashes collar lies in the hole in the ground. Looking at the sky, the flame flickers slowly and becomes more calm. Finally, the flame comes to an abrupt end and instantly goes out. A huge will collapses and collapses in an instant. A few dots of light escape from his eyes and continue to rise to the sky.
As the light scattered, Albuquerque’s will dissipated in this day. "After all, he was a coward who didn’t dare to kill himself and didn’t have the courage to take revenge." Zhi Li sighed. He said that he was still goaded, but he didn’t expect to be killed by a shock. It was beyond his expectation.
"Don’t say that, Winster, he is so miserable that it is better to die like this and dissipate all the pain." In the past, Albuquerque and other high-spirited Phoenix never thought that it would be such a situation to meet again a few years later
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The second volume Vertical cone Chapter 46 Giant Wood Brotherhood
Chapter 46 Giant Wood Brotherhood
When the early morning sunshine passes through the early morning mist, the original hazy air becomes clearer in the sunshine cleaning. A new day begins. Zhi Li opens her eyes on time, but Lina still sits cross-legged and breathes in countless pores and orifices all over her body, naturally bringing the mage tower’s vitality into her body and finally returning it to her body’s blood. As the aura refines the blood power, most of them practice with the exposure of ghosts and demons.
However, Lina’s practice speed is much faster than that of ordinary ghosts and gods. Compared with ordinary wizards, they transport or ox carts drive on muddy paths. She is already on the highway. At this time, she absorbs her vitality one hundred times faster than that of ordinary ghosts and gods, especially after Zhi Li revised the original practice again. This speed is getting faster and faster.
In the past night, Zhi Li also got up from the training room and went directly to the top floor, overlooking the whole Winster from the top of the tower. He brought his hands in a black robe and covered his young face, but the teenager should have that lively and lively look, with quiet eyes flashing, which makes people feel like a vast sea. Although there are waves on the surface, it is calm and deep in the depths.
"C? te d ‘Ivoire" Zhi Li suddenly said that the figure of C? te d ‘Ivoire immediately emerged from the void, which directly reached the top floor from the field. "President Winster" C? te d ‘Ivoire respectfully felt the vastness of Li Zhishen and Zhi Li nodded. "Do you have any questions about the structure of the Mage Tower?"
"There is no doubt that there is no mage tower structure that needs to be given according to the scheme of the Lord, that is, there is no truth in it. Unexpectedly, there are people who can control the earth vein by force. It seems that the gas refiners of the giant wood brotherhood in the northern part of Salva Forest do not have this method." Zhi Li gave him the mage tower structure as soon as he came back last night. In the future, Zhi Li, Candelas will continue to build six mage towers on the foundation of this mage tower, and with the natural incarnation of C? te d ‘Ivoire, he will directly hand over the design to him for transportation.
Five Mage Pagodas One Mage Pagodas is a promise to Issu to compensate for the radiation built around Rogge Fort, including the self-governing dominion of the blind and the Tristram Mountains in the Leikeduo wasteland. The dragon-locking method is used to cut off the veins of the mountains and cut off the source of God’s power in this territory. Now the face has long been torn and Zhi Li needs to be taken care of. It is a lore.
The first of the other four buildings was built in Candelas Plain, which governs the surrounding area of Candelas Plain. At the same time, the Salva forest coastal forest belt was cut off, and the power antenna tower of forest kings was cut off. Once the forest kings’ territory was established, it would be cut off directly, and it would be active in the northern part of Candelas mainland, and its power would also decline greatly.
The second one was built in the Temo Highland, which mainly radiated the Tristram area in the south of the Temo Highland, and the third one was built in the north of the Temo Highland, which was another blow to the forest king. It directly blocked the Salva forest in the north of the Temo Mountains from the Temo Highland, and directly hit the forest kings of the Salva like a steel knife. The fourth one was built in New Breville, which was mainly designed for the sacred place of Dun Kresa Kalam Sanctuary.
Once the five mage towers are completed, the whole area under the jurisdiction of the Horatim Brotherhood will be within the radiation range of the mage towers, which will further reduce the enemy’s power and form a nibbling situation. At that time, it will be the best opportunity for the absolute strength of the Horatim Brotherhood to attack the Sakaram Sanctuary and the Catholic Forest King.
In fact, the scale of these five mage Tata towers is not very large. The project lies in the fact that the site selection is very important when the tower is built. It is suspected that it is best to lock the dragon chain into the trunk. However, it is not only as simple as Winster’s tens of thousands of meters to extend the dragon chain, but the consumption of materials is also incalculable. It will be an astronomical figure. However, it is imperative to build this mage tower regardless of the long period. All this is given to C? te d ‘Ivoire by Zhi Li. This public opinion field also has his incarnation that can operate through the pulse he perceives.
"Giant wood brotherhood refined gas? Dean of C? te d ‘Ivoire, I’m interested in these practitioners. I wonder if I can elaborate. "Zhi Li keenly heard the word" refiner ",which means fighters or martial arts monks in Candelas, and besides that, it also means lux.
Li Zhi, a giant wooden brotherhood, listened to stevo, but this group of people is extremely mysterious. Although they joined the Horatim Brotherhood in the past, they rarely appeared in the shelter world and left little traces. There are also seven tombs in Taraxia, which were built in the earth and changed direction with the operation of heaven and earth. At this time, C? te d ‘Ivoire seems to be very familiar with this group of people, and Zhi Li is also interested.
"But I don’t know much about the Giant Wood Brotherhood, but there is no doubt that this group of people is strong, especially the force hidden behind the Giant Wood Brotherhood." C? te d ‘Ivoire slightly recalled that "a famous Laurance fighter of my Giant Wood Brotherhood was very close during the magic war. I knew about the Giant Wood Brotherhood, and from then on, all the Giant Wood Brotherhood members mastered a mysterious cultivation technique."
"For them, the body is the most powerful weapon, and the powerful force supporting the body is called Qi to promote the operation of the body, which makes the strongest body of them as good as the barbarians, and even stronger. This force is a body with slightly different directions, but it is extremely strong, especially strong enough that once it reaches the fifth order, they can communicate."
"That Langluo is a fifth-order strong man, but his strength is not as strong as that of the sixth-order, and once he communicates, the pulse can be compared to saying that the field is really shocking. The reason why I want to do better is to accept me to accept his martial arts and inherit his status as a sacred arbiter in the northern countries. At that time, I was already a high-order druid with a natural road, but I didn’t promise to come now. I was really kicked in the head by a cow at that time."
"Later, I learned that Langluo’s position in the North is extremely lofty, and the most important thing is the martial arts of Jumu Brotherhood. There is no conflict at the root of my natural path. The martial arts path is not like natural and death roads, but a set of practical cultivation methods. Unfortunately, when I knew that I wanted to join, there was no road. Mr. Langluo died in the battle of Diablo in Taimo Highland, and Jumu Brotherhood was very strict about accepting disciples. Not everyone can." C? te d ‘Ivoire said here with no regret.
I didn’t know these things until I sent Mr. Langlos’s remains to the north after his death. Because I escorted Mr. Langlos’s remains back to the place, the Giant Wood Brotherhood was very polite to me, but it was impossible for me to take their road. I stayed there for 20 years and was still a sacred arbiter, and I learned more about the Giant Wood Brotherhood.
"Winster Giant Wood Brotherhood is a powerful force. What would you think if I told you that this giant wood brotherhood member is a huge force?" C? te d ‘Ivoire couldn’t help but be surprised, and his voice trembled a little. "The members of the Giant Wood Brotherhood, which is a huge force, are all those who are unqualified in qualification, understanding and mood and can’t reach a higher level. These eliminators can’t reach a higher level because of their talent. They can practice the most basic martial arts among them, and they operate a variety of spells so that they can concentrate on practicing and ignore others."
Outside the periphery of the Giant Wood Brotherhood of the Practitioner, all this reminds Zhi Li of the so-called outer door, registration, entry and true division of the fat-lying natural door, and then it is associated with the garbage and hidden gold equipment of Zhang Long spear coming to this world. Later, there was a cow named Zhang who also left the treasure and rune power of the armillary sphere. "Such a force is not obvious in the sanctuary world, but they are also active in the world of all previous fiends invading the world?"
"I’ve heard from the Giant Wood Brotherhood that it’s difficult for them to practice, but they can come back to enjoy wealth and help them do something outside and get started. People go straight to a higher level and go to shelters. Everything is precious for them. No one wants to go to shelters. The world affairs delay the practice road. It’s a joke for ordinary people to pursue enjoyment. The world affairs in shelters are that they are too lazy to do anything unless it affects them. Now even the devil comes, they don’t need to do it."
Listening to C? te d ‘Ivoire’s sermon, Li Zhiyue became more and more aware that this force is which spiritual sect, perhaps the former cattle man named Zhang, stayed in orthodoxy. Unfortunately, orthodoxy is not too refined, but Zhi Li can also understand that if he hadn’t inherited the Shinto of heaven and earth, there would be a simpler way to go straight to Gao Eternity and get that freedom and happiness, but he would still be aware of this refuge world. All this is to move forward wholeheartedly on the avenue.
Looking down on everything in this city in the tower of Zhi Li, these humans should be thankful that there are ghosts and gods who still need them. If they don’t need Andariel, what do they do when they don’t? But this shelter world is getting more and more interesting.
"Well, I still have some things to do this afternoon. I’ll leave it to you to set up the Mage Tower and spread it out around the country. But when building the Mage Tower, we should pay attention to the fact that the main traction area of the Mage Tower, Dunkeley area, Savar forest and other areas have all been connected at the last minute." C? te d ‘Ivoire nodded and said that it was white. Zhi Li knew the secret without saying anything.
After explaining everything, Zhi Li directly opened the door and went to Crist Tower. Last night, Crist invited him to lend her the armillary sphere. This armillary sphere is a shortcut for Zhi Li to seek the mystery of runes. Today, he will transform the core of Hun Tianyin through the armillary sphere. Hun Tianyin has a film world mystery, which is a microcosm of the refuge world. Through the armillary sphere, Zhi Li will get this miniature symbol culture, which will be a world behind which the runic language constitutes everything.
Through the delivery door, Krister has been waiting in front of the armillary sphere for a long time. Today, she got up early. "Winster armillary sphere is ready and breakfast is ready. Come and have breakfast with me after the transformation of the armillary sphere. I learned some delicious dishes from Belle. You can take a good look at my skills in Winster later."
"Good. I haven’t eaten the armillary sphere yet. Can the transformation begin now?" Zhi Li arrived at the armillary sphere, which was already full of runes and turned on. Once in C? te d ‘Ivoire, it was time for him to experience what he knew "at any time" and get a positive reply from Zhi Li. Crystal was beaming with joy. "I’ll turn on the armillary sphere now."
Listening to the click of the armillary sphere has opened a mouth. Li Zhichao nodded to Chris’s characteristics and then stepped into it from this mouth. Inside the mouth is a spherical core with a stone platform suspended. This stone platform is unusual, but nothing in this world is made of jade. It has been a long time since Zhi Li came to the shelter world. The main gems in this world are all known, and the four major gems and their extensions are all seen, but jade has never been seen.