"I feel like I’m going to get fat if I eat like this again.

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Lin Ji just took a bite of rice into his mouth and heard the young man say that. He couldn’t help but put his hand on his waist and pinched it lightly.
"which is fat?"
I knew that I ate the meat clean and spit the bones into the garbage tray on the table with a little pride.
"I do! How to eat! Not fat! "
After that, his eyes indicated that he still wanted to eat the delicious tenderloin. Lin Ji looked at him and couldn’t help but smile and began to feed him a piece of meat. Xiao Xianyu also appeared in a scene.
I was so nervous at the thought of knowing that I was watching myself on the sidelines that I would never make mistakes at ordinary times. In this scene, he played against Fang to avoid that kind of embarrassing thing from happening again, so I wanted to come and adapt to it first.
As soon as he walked into this side to build a temporary rest point, he saw Emperor Lin Ying feed Fang Zhi a piece of food.
After the same pair of chopsticks, I ate a green vegetable by myself.
I fed Fang Zhi another piece of food with the same pair of chopsticks.
Chapter 19 Graduation
Xiao Xianyu himself has already prepared himself psychologically.
I also know that I should make a stunned expression when I pick it up. However, when I know that my eyes have changed as soon as I blink, my ears have become far away, and my limbs seem to be out of control until I stare at each other in the same place and gradually walk away without looking back.
"Good xian yu this expression is very good this one can be! A preparation! "Xiao Xianyu heard during the rush from the field to the other side to know that he had reached the position and was ready to take a shot.
Assistant hurriedly handed Xiao Xianyu a bottle of water before, and his face was quite excited.
"Elder brother, you just played really well! Ning Dao also praised you for your great performance! It’s amazing! "
Just now, Xiao Xianyu shook his head and looked in the direction of Fang Zhi. I didn’t think too much about it. When I came to my senses, the scene was already over. The assistant stayed for a while and looked at it together along his line of sight: Is Fang Zhi so powerful? Xiao Xianyu nodded with a worship expression: It’s really a man who asked me to lend him all the accounts I could borrow at home when I was in Star 1! "Assistant: 8536184
Brother, you can be younger! !
The scene on this side of the sports field was filmed smoothly. It was originally scheduled to be filmed for two and a half days, but now it has been finished in the first half of the day. I know that the ten-day deadline has passed seven days. If he wants to win, he has to finish all the scenes in the last three days.
It’s not a big problem for him, and one of them was a rooftop play during the audition. Unless there is any accident, I’m very confident that I can go straight through it. In addition to this one, there are five other rooftop plays at school.
One of the scenes was opposite Lu Susu.
"My brother said you might be here, but I didn’t expect you to be here."
The breeze raised the girl’s long hair behind her, and the sun fell on her face, which was charming and brilliant. Yu looked at her with the same seal, and the smiling face was also hung up with a gentle smile, gently and carefully blowing the girl’s long hair and arranging it conveniently.
"Well, the scenery here is very good." The handsome boy looked at her deeply. The sound was very light and clear. Tang Tong looked at his eyes and his face was not a little hot, even the tip of his ear was slightly red.
Jin Yu smiled gently and took back his hand and went to the fence to look: Of course, Feng Tang put his long hair on his ear with one hand. The whole person looked dignified, gentle and beautiful. She blushed and went to Jin Yu’s side and looked out along his line of sight.
"The elder brother of the yoga will be here to see like a girl?" Jin Yu turned his head and looked at her quietly for several seconds and suddenly smiled.
The boy looks handsome and delicate, and his elegant and noble temperament is so focused and earnest that Liu Susu feels that his heart is a little overwhelmed by the rising temperature of his face, and he also has a little unnatural little wriggle tone, which is a little bit like a little daughter’s shyness:
"Probably" "Jin Yu smiled casually and sounded casual." Learn to dance. "Feng Tang asked curiously with wide eyes:" What? "
"Most dancers have good manners and temperament, and my family should be satisfied with such a daughter-in-law."
The light tone of the juvenile line is also light, as if to say that it is a matter of doing things with yourself. Feng Tang frowned sadly.
But learning to dance is not low at all.
She has been working three jobs because of the rent. If she really wants to learn dancing, she needs to earn it herself.
There should be no problem, right? Ning Dao called the card.
This one feels good, but as soon as I think it should be better, I let Fang Zhi and Lu Susu have another one and tell them a play.
"Feng Tang has a good impression on Jin Yu and the other person is the’ best friend’ in his brother’s mouth, so he said it to Feng Tang with his eyes." Ning Dao told Lu Susu and looked at Fang Zhi. Jin Yu didn’t feel anything about Feng Tang. You know, I know, everyone knows, and Feng Tang doesn’t, but you made her have the illusion that you might like her.
Chapter 13 Not yet born
After shooting this mirror, Lin Ji and Fang Zhi came to see the lens effect together. They both played a stable role and felt that there was no problem after watching it. After that, they took a few more expressions for close-ups.
Other actors are in good shape, even Xiao Xianyu, who is the most prone to accidents, didn’t temporarily fall off the chain. The shooting efficiency and progress are quite gratifying, leaving the last three mirrors. I didn’t expect that they were about to start shooting. Now it was getting dark. The lights were a little late. The whole stadium was dark, leaving some camera machines and display screens with a well-prepared source. Lin Ji reached out and took his hand with a little reassurance. It was said that the young man’s hand was lightly touched, and the crew went out to check the situation. Soon after, he came back and said that it was a construction accident.
"It’s not the right way to wait here." The workers looked at Ning to test the tone. Otherwise, let’s call it a day. Let’s go back to rest early and come back early in the morning to finish the remaining scenes. "
Ning Dao flipped through the schedule, but there was nothing he could do. Fortunately, there were still two and a half days left to shoot, so it should be enough. He nodded to let everyone play early today. 16: Ah, I almost forgot my unlucky physique. Seeing that I could finish the play today, I just dragged him to the eleventh day. God is a bit too much. Hey! Or is that the construction team that Lin Ji sent undercover?
But there’s really nothing we can do about it. When we said hello, we went back to our respective residences. It was too early to know that we didn’t go back to our rooms, but we followed Lin Ji all the way to his place. As soon as we took the door, we took off our coat and threw it aside. The slender and beautiful fingertips shuttled neatly through the shirt buttons, and half of the buttons were untied without two.
"I’ll wash first." Lin Ji Zheng soon came in vain. What did he mean? He smiled and walked over and pulled people into his arms, bowed his head and kissed the young man on the lips lightly.
"There’s still a play in the sky, so I’m not afraid I can’t shoot without coming to bed."
I know that I was kissed by Shu and dragged the neckline back.
"My waist is good, my legs are good, and my body is great." I just know that I stretched out my hand and pushed people to the sofa, squinting my fingers slightly, and wiped them on my shiny lips. "If you say that you are worried about yourself, I can still consider letting you go." Lin Ji looked at his eyes and smiled, and stretched out his hand in the sound of his eyes gently caressing.
How do you worry more than me? "
"I’m willing to lose the bet" only to know that he looked at me like this, and I had a hard time getting ready for it all the way back. Now I feel like running my eyes, and I consciously smiled at Lin Ji, a path floating next to me, and then I stopped laughing. Kojikata knew that he was red-faced and fed him with evil spirit.
He is willing to be laughed at by that guy! ! ! I know that I want to go back on my word now, and I was just about to get up and walk away. The other party suddenly reached out and put his hand around his waist, put him in his arms and kissed his lips, giving him a warm kiss slowly and gently.
This kiss didn’t take any aggression, but it was a little stunned. The ear was beating faster and faster, and the temperature of the face was rising uncontrollably. Lin Ji stretched out his hand on his face and touched it. He remembered that today’s young people were lively, pure, cheerful and fresh in front of the camera. The voice said very softly
"If only I had known you earlier," Fang Zhi looked up slightly at the bottom of his eyes with a thin layer of water mist shining in the light: "How early" Lin Ji bowed his head and kissed his eyes: Fang Zhi: Then he began to laugh.
First, try not to laugh while covering your mouth, then press a little smile and hurt your stomach, and then you can’t help laughing and rolling in the man’s arms:
You know, it’s still a smile that can’t stop.
When he was in high school, it was almost sixty years ago! Sixty years ago, honey, you weren’t born yet, okay? Maybe Lin Fu and Lin Mu were just born, but they haven’t been born yet. Hahahahahahaha. If they are counted by seniority, they are probably grandfathers who accidentally find themselves as old cows eating young grass. They can’t think about it. They suddenly feel guilty and cough lightly, but they always stop laughing and slowly buckle their shirts back.
I was bored in Lin Ji’s room for a while before I went back to rest.
The next day, neither of them appeared in the play. Keith Downing directed the actors who were not the main actors to be equally strict. If they were dissatisfied, they would have to remake them. In the end, they took a whole day to call it a day.
The rear know looked Lin Ji direction in the past.
Even if we didn’t temporarily stop these two scenes last night, it is estimated that we have to take pictures today. It seems that the old fox is better than the old fox. After filming all the scenes in the school building, we have to shoot off-campus scenes. However, in the old house, we have to wait for the genius to hand over the cast and set up venue props when necessary. When we have a few days to relax and rest, it’s impossible to know that we are tired of playing mobile phones in Lin Ji’s room while chatting with Lin Ji. At this moment, the door suddenly rings silent, and we go over and open the door. When we see the landing outside,
Lin Ji hasn’t said anything here yet, and a familiar sound came out of the room.