"My dad shouldn’t have seen Ace. I don’t even remember it myself." Luffy dug his nose and said, "It’s nothing. I can’t say that Ace is my brother."

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What Luffy said is not stupid at all. It often looks like a brainless person. In fact, it is quite clever. The hidden meaning in Robin’s words is that he doesn’t like to use his brains to play with Wu Suopu and Qiao Ba at ordinary times
"Luffy’s father is the leader of the revolutionary army, that Monkey D. Dragon." Robin told Ace what he didn’t know.
"Revolutionary army?"
Ace stare big eyes.
Isn’t this news amazing? That old man Karp was actually the leader of the revolutionary army ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
"Luffy’s father is a revolutionary army … no wonder that every time he said he was going to be a pirate when he was a child, that smelly old man knocked on my head." After a little thinking, Ace learned a lot of things. Luffy, the little fool, forgot his father is normal, but Karp can’t forget his son. Now it seems that he is afraid that they will follow suit and take the road of revolutionary army.
It’s a pity that grandpa ended up wasting his time.
I and Luffy have both become pirates …
"Miss Robin, you went to Luffy’s father on purpose ….. do you mean that this matter has something to do with Luffy’s father now?" Ace restrained herself, sent out her thoughts, and concentrated on the matter at hand.
"Luffy’s father and the Nidhogg met when they were in Rogge Town, saying that they would stare at Nidhogg and wouldn’t let him do it himself, but if they want to save their companions, we still need to do it ourselves! Nidhogg has left many departments in Alabastan. Only by defeating them can this storm. "
"Is Nidhogg a genus?"
Ace eyebrows spread a little.
If it weren’t for the Black King Ais who wasn’t afraid of the Black King, and so on, don’t say that Iska was also in Alabastan. If that woman was also in this desert kingdom, she suddenly felt a strange headache!
"Ace? Ace? "
Luffy stretched out his hand and waved it in front of ace.
"Luffy, I’m working with you. The Baihu Pirates have dealt with Nidhogg many times. Those powerful men in Nidhogg have dealt more or less, which should help you."
Ace held Luffy’s head down. What did the younger brother look like without the straw hat?
Luffy didn’t refuse Ace to lend a helping hand.
Of course, in order to rescue our partners, we must benefit all available forces.
"Hey, what about Luffy?" Shan Zhi pointed to the cigarette butt, and Bruno, who was tied up, couldn’t get trapped by the ordinary rope. What he didn’t escape was because he didn’t know how to escape successfully because of the fire fist here.
But then Ace and Luffy left Kaoshanzhi and Wu Suopu to look down on Bruno.
It happened that there was no such thing as sea stone handcuffs on the Golden Merry.
"Straw hat Luffy, you don’t need to leave people to guard the pirate ship temple. There is an agreement with that one that you won’t do anything to destroy your pirate ship. Talking about things like that will make the temple lose face. Leave the pirate ship here and make sure that you can come back alive and no one will destroy the pirate ship."
Sitting cross-legged on the ground with his hands tied behind him, Bruno said angrily
"Who would believe that?"
Wu Suopu looked incredulous. "The guy who took Nami and robbed us … why should he believe you?"
"You ….. not one piece? Isn’t it a matter of course that pirates should be awakened by everyone? " Bruno looked at Wu Suopu with contempt. I didn’t expect there to be such a confused fool here. "He is a member of the Seventh Wuhai in qiwang, the world government. He has the responsibility to fight pirates … but you didn’t expect to come to grand line without this consciousness."
Bruno, although people are a little rough, their mouths are deadly poisonous.
Ace’s face narrowed. Bruno’s words really have nothing to criticize. Pirates are evil. This is an absolutely correct proposition. Even Bai Hu has protected one party’s peace. Pirates want him to try to wash the white shore for a day without abandoning the skull and crossbones. He is a pirate after all.
It’s not that there are no black sheep in the navy like the East China Sea Rat School, but the big concept of the navy is still a symbol of justice, and it is not possible to reverse the identity of pirates with a few pests.
Wu Suopu opened his mouth and was speechless.
"You talk to me in vain, but this doesn’t make me give up regardless of my companion’s reason. I am the captain and it is my responsibility to protect my companion. Even if I die, then I should be the first one." Luffy said proudly that the awe-inspiring determination was obviously not just lip service.
"Luffy, take this guy and everyone together!"
Ace gave an opinion.
"This guy is right. I don’t know much about Nidhogg, but it’s really a very particular guy. He is absolutely disdainful to make an estimate. When we leave the kingdom of Alabama, the navy may come to take care of it in person to prevent any accidents. Am I right? "
At last he looked at Bruno.
Bruno, the prisoner of the order, nodded his head with an expression.
"I don’t think it’s a problem. Mr. Long’s face is not so good."
Robin voted for it.
After another brief discussion, the Straw Hat Pirates decided to park the pirate ship here and go to Albana Bruno, the capital of the kingdom of Alabama. The prisoner also wanted to take what field he might send, and he was not worried that he could escape with Ace around.