"It turned out that the feeling was called unlocking the genetic lock." Li Shuaixi seemed to want to laugh but suddenly coughed.

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Looking at Li Shuai’s western-style Qin Jing, he stopped talking and squatted silently in front of him for the last few minutes.
"Thank you," he said softly.
"There is nothing to thank." Li Shuaixi tried to make a so-called sample, but in his state, his expression was so sad.
"How can a man be behind a little girl!" He mustered all his strength and shouted at Qin Jing, "Isn’t it handsome?"
"Very handsome" Qin Jingli nodded.
Li Shuaixi looked up at Qin Jing and looked behind him, but his eyes were gradually wandering, and he couldn’t see so far away. He looked at the distance persistently because he knew that the man was there, and she would be able to detect it if he tried to look at it.
The youth’s heart has gradually faded, but it is still so burning.
"Thank you. I’ll never forget you," Wendy said softly, lying in Zheng Zha’s arms.
No one knows whether the boy heard it or not, but everyone saw the boy’s mouth with a smile and it only took a moment to condense into eternity.
Qin Jing remembered that the sad appearance in the original book soon disappeared as cannon fodder … You were not cannon fodder from the beginning … Qin Jing silently closed Li Shuaixi’s eyes.
"Is it Zheng Zha and Qin Jing?"
Just as everyone was around Li Shuai West, a faint sound suddenly came out from the loudspeaker.
Chu Xuan?’ Zheng Zha and Zhan Lan suddenly looked up. "Where are you now?"
"I’m in the owner’s control room on the 27th at the moment, and each room of this ship corresponds to a number. The nearest room number is five. I hope you can come as soon as possible, because there is a sudden trend of aliens in your direction all over the ship."
Hearing this sentence, everyone can’t help but feel cold. The root of that terrible monster is not human.
"I will tell you the access to the main control room …"
"Are you telling Li Shuaixi to run in this direction to solve the problem of aliens?"
A voice came and interrupted the loudspeaker sound.
The sound source is always half kneeling beside Li Shuaixi without Qin Jing.
The voice on the loudspeaker was silent for a moment. The voice replied, "And I have done everything I can to save his life."
Fire damper? … Qin Jing quietly stared at the dripping valve port.
"Let’s meet first. I think we’re in some trouble."
Chapter 9 Abnormal Chu Xuan officially appeared.
The heavy door is behind Qin Jing.
After Qin Jing, they put Li Shuaixi’s body in a room and locked it. After his death, the group went out to main control room.
Due to Chu Xuan’s instructions and the help of those small flight monitors, I didn’t even meet an alien
Qin Jing looked at the door and finally the last dangerous breath outside the door was temporarily expelled, and his heart was not relieved.
While Zheng Zha several people have collapsed to the ground, although they have seen aliens and even killed one, they are still concerned about that kind of monster.
Jason came over and patted Qin Jing on the shoulder. "It’s true that you spent so long in such a place full of monsters."
"It’s just to let it drive behind your back. What can you say?" Qin Jing smiled wryly. He looked down at his sleeping bag and Wendy, who was sleeping in it because of serious injuries and fatigue.
I can’t let her come to such a dangerous world again. Looking at her haggard face, Qin Jing can’t help but feel distressed.
"Did you kill the alien, too?" A cold voice came over.
Hearing the sound of Chu Xuan Qin Jing turned his head and looked at the screen in the direction of Chu Xuan’s finger, looking at the screen and lying quietly with the alien body killed by them.
"Well" Qin Jing nodded his head.
"I’ve never seen a weapon that caused that wound."
"It’s in the Lord God to exchange shrapnel."
"The Lord God?" What is Chu Xuan thinking with his head down?
On the side, Jason was upset. He hated Chu Xuan very much, especially after he came to main control room on the 27th. He always spoke in a high voice, but the sound and smile were like ice.
Zhang Jiechao Chu Xuan crooked mouth and then turned to hug Qin Jing’s shoulder. "It’s good to always live."
"Yes, it’s good to be alive." Qin Jing is also feeling.
"It’s a pity that there is no food and water here. It won’t be long before we will die of thirst or starvation. The damn God doesn’t know how to leave this horror movie." Jason suddenly turned to Qin Jing with a sad look.
Qin Jing just remembered that because of his intervention in Zheng Zha and Zhanlan, he didn’t find the food room, but no one had food.
Except Qin Jing, of course.
Qin Jingxiao smiled and took out two bottles full of pills from his breast pocket. "If it’s food, we don’t have to worry." He handed the bottle to Jason. "This is the highly compressed food and water I got from the Lord God’s team. It takes two small bottles to support us for a long time."
When he spoke, he deliberately turned sideways as if to avoid Chu Xuanguang’s eyes
Jason happily hugged the bottle. "I wish I had this. I’ll spend it with those aliens outside to see who can spend it." He suddenly turned his head and pressed Qin Jing’s ear and asked in a low voice, "Did you bring a lot of this?" Seeing that the former nodded, he laughed even harder.
"No, we can’t do that," Chu Xuan vetoed.
"Why can’t you do this?" Jason jumped up as soon as he heard ChuXuanYin "don’t want us to just rush out and fight with aliens? Are you brainless? "
Qin Jing beside look embarrassed … Actually said Chu Xuan mindless? ……
Chu Xuan was not annoyed that he held his hand and adjusted his eyes. "Of course, we won’t just rush out to fight with aliens, but we can’t do it with aliens." Chu Xuan turned to main control room’s brain and pressed a few keys in front of everyone. Suddenly, a fat white-collar worker and several other people appeared in the screen, and they slowly followed an alien behind them.
"Why don’t aliens attack them?" Jason froze at a side.
"It’s because the queen is going to lay eggs." Qin Jing said at a side that he had seen the horror readers. He was very familiar with this scene
"Yes" Chu Xuan took back his slightly surprised eyes from Qin Jing, and then said, "Except for three dead punks and Li Shuaixi, there are a total of people outside with monitors to see three aliens alive. If it is assumed that all people will become alien larvae, we will face eleven aliens in a few days. If they all become food, how do we know how long aliens can last for this gamble? Besides, don’t forget that aliens are relying on it in Alien IV. Their blood corrodes the steel cage and they have to escape. Once the aliens enter the situation of running out of ammunition and food, we don’t know if they will corrode this gate in the same way. "
Hearing Chu Xuan’s words, Jason was speechless at the moment.
Not only did all the people in Jason fall into silence after hearing Chu Xuan’s words, but the whole of main control room fell into an atmosphere of unspeakable despair.